The Northwest region controlled by rebels, Syria is experiencing an unprecedented coronavirus outbreak, and relief organizations are appealing to the international community to provide humanitarian and medical assistance, increase hospital capacity, and ensure that people are properly vaccinated.

According to local authorities, the outbreak, which seems to have been triggered by the more infectious delta form, has overrun hospitals with ill people and is creating oxygen shortages.

Unprecedented Surge Of Forces Against Rebel-Held Northern Syria

Schools and colleges are closed, and students are enrolled in distance learning programs as a result of the midnight curfew enforced by the local rebel-run government as of Tuesday.

The area is home to four million people, some of whom have been internally displaced as a result of Syria’s 10-year war with the rest of the world.

Unprecedented Surge Of Forces Against Rebel-Held Northern Syria

“International assistance is urgently required to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe,” according to Dr. KhaulaSawah, head of the Global Alliance of Medical Care and Humanitarian Groups, or UOSSM. “Millions of people’s lives are on the line.” According to the United Nations Office for the Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (UOSSM) and Christian humanitarian organization World Vision, the rate of positive tests, which is an indicator of the degree of viral transmission, is about 55%. According to World Vision, just 1.3 percent of the population has received a vaccination.

According to local medical officials, the number of coronavirus infections recorded in the area has reached almost 77,000, with 1,357 fatalities reported in total. Vietnam’s airlines will restart internal flights early Sunday, after a suspension of operations in July in order to limit the spreading of the coronavirus throughout the nation. According to the plan published by the civil aviation authority, passengers must be vaccinated that have at least one shot, and have a negative viral test before being allowed to board aircraft during the first phase of the restart of operations. Thursday. Carriers are only permitted to board half of the total number of seats available on each aircraft.

The NoiBai International Airport in Hanoi, the country’s capital and largest city inside the northern region, would remain closed to domestic flights. In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Municipal Authorities said that it was not prepared to welcome a significant number of visitors who might possibly transmit the illness.

The epidemic, driven by the delta variety and started in July, was the deadliest in Vietnam’s history, infecting more than 800,000 individuals and killing over 20,000 people in total. For almost three months, more than half of the country’s 98 million people were kept under house arrest.

The number of COVID-19 fatalities in the United States is declining, and the number of new cases reported each day is on the verge of dropping below 100,000 for the first time in more than a month. This is good evidence that the summer surge is slowing down. Government officials and business leaders are working to tighten and extend vaccination requirements in order to avoid losing ground in the fight against the flu.