The e-retailers in the USA with the biggest market shares may not seem like a surprising list. But this list is important to analyze how proper digital marketing paired with good products and services can go a long way in capturing market share. The e-retailers in this list are all world-famous brands that have instant brand recognition today: 

Top 5 E-retailers In The USA By Market Share In 2021:

Here is a list of the top five e-retailers in the U.S by market share this year

The United States Leading E-retailers By Market Share
  • Amazon– it is the leading e-retailer in the USA with almost 41% of the market share. By 2021 Amazon has amassed more than 200 million Prime Memberships which also contribute greatly to their annual income. The reason and philosophy behind Amazon’s success is their popularization of the idea that shopping online on Amazon takes just a few minutes of time and can save hours weekly on trips to the grocery store/departmental store. 
  • Walmart – it has 6.6% of the market share in the e-retail space of the USA. Immediately noticeably is the huge difference between the first and the second players on this list in terms of market share. Even the addition of Walmart may seem like an interesting choice since it is known primarily as a physical retail chain. But recently Walmart has ventured into the online retail space with its promise of free deliveries for their Walmart+ members. 
  • eBay – eBay owns close to 4.2% of the e-retail market share in the USA. Started as a platform to connect buyers and sellers, eBay is now expanding into NFTs as well. They have introduced some new features like the ability for buyers to choose their preferred delivery partner from the different choices offered by the sellers. They have also started to provide some basic business intelligence to their sellers. eBay is using these innovations to retain its space in the highly competitive e-retail sphere of the USA. 
  • Apple – Apple owns about 4% of USA’s e-retail market share.  Apple’s success initially was based on its portfolio of never seen before products. But now Apple has blended their signature product creation with a kind of innovative brand building powered by digital marketing. Apple Watch, iPad Pro are some of the newest offerings on the Apple online store. They also have some subscription services like Apple Music and Apple Podcasts. 
  • The Home Depot- the Home Depot has 2.2% of the US retail market place. Just like Walmart, Home Depot may still have more popularity for their physical locations, but their online retailing has also been picking up in recent years. They now have facilities where customers can look for products online and reserve them for rent and then finally go to the location to pick them up. This saves time as customers do not have to go to the store to check out the availability. 

The next few e-retailers in descending order according to market share in the USA are Target, Best Buy, Costco, Kroger, and Wayfair.

All these companies may have very small shares compared to Amazon, but in terms of total value are massive revenue earners in their own right.

As e-retailing keeps growing in the next few years more and more companies will start vying to be on this list.

Completely e-retail oriented companies like Amazon and eBay as well as physical establishments with e-retail sections like Walmart and Home Depot have all realized the importance of online retailing.

They are using data analytics to create targeted digital marketing campaigns that will make it possible for e-retailers to address customer pain points and promise resolutions. Next-generation of shoppers may shop online exclusively and most retailers are now preparing hard to fit into this changing scenario.