According to a statement released by the Brazilian presidential office on Tuesday evening, the Brazilian Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, screened positive for Covid-19 while attending the General Assembly (UNGA) in New York City. According to the statement, Queiroga was a member of JairBolsonaro’s Presidential Commission, and he was “doing very well.” At this point, the virus has not been detected in any of the other participants of the Brazilian delegation.

The Brazilian Health Minister Tested Covid Positive.

Queiroga told reporters in Brazil on Tuesday that he’d be quarantined in New York for fourteen days and that he would not be traveling with the rest of his team out of the United States. According to Queiroga, several delegation members have withdrawn from the event owing to the possibility of infecting individuals from other nations with the virus.

Queiroga is a cardiologist who has served as Brazil’s health minister four times since the coronavirus epidemic started in 2009. He was appointed to the position earlier this year. In advance of the publication of the presidential declaration, the media in brazil was the first to report just on the minister’s health condition.

The Brazilian Health Minister Tested Covid Positive.

At the request of the UN secretary-general, the spokesperson said that “a contact tracking procedure was in place in the event that instances were emerging” at UN headquarters and refused to provide more information. According to the Brasil media, Queiroga came under criticism earlier this week for making an obscene gesture in response to protestors in New York.

Videos of the moment he emerged in the window of a minivan and waved to demonstrators in front of the home of the Brazil Mission at the United Nations went popular on social media, according to media.

Even before the United Nations General Assembly convened on Tuesday, there were worries that the worldwide meeting would pose a health danger, particularly given the fact that most of the United States is currently grappling with major Covid-19 outbreaks. In August, the United States government sent a letter urging global leaders to consider participating electronically rather than in person in order to prevent “a super spreader incident.”

Despite this, more than 100 leaders of government and the state attended the ceremony in person, with a few of them arriving without having been vaccinated. In particular, President Bolsonaro has been outspoken in his dismissiveness of the pandemic’s seriousness and his support for untested medicines, which have been widely criticized. He made it clear on social media last week that he would not have been getting vaccinated since he had already caught the illness.

Bolsonaro fulfilled the custom of giving the opening address at the conference on Tuesday in the presence of the rest of the Brazilian delegation. He has met with a number of world leaders, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, thus far in his tenure as President. Members of the Brazilian delegation ate pizza outside in New York City on Sunday, according to photos shared by Gilson Neto, the country’s tourism minister, on his Facebook page. Almost everyone had their identities revealed.