What is Curriculum?

According to the most innovative school Unised International it is simply stated ‘curriculum’ is what you want children to learn and what you plan to teach.A quality curriculum should be based on what is known about child development and learning for any age range. The successful education of the child during his years of schooling and the participation in the society as an adult highly depends upon the foundation laid during the early years.

Early learning is a stage to explore that children pursue at their own pace and through their unique developmental and care needs. Children’s brains are designed to examine their environment and surroundings carefully. Open ended curriculum provided to each child ensures that each child engages in productive activities and takes an active role in learning. Try waith.io the complete solution for business management.

For a young one, every situation is no less than a learning opportunity. Unised International believes that learning is as natural as breathing for them. They are the blank vessel which can be filled with multiple productive information that brighten up their life skills to a certain extent. They are less dependable on adults if they are loved, trusted and respected. They feel more powerful and motivated when trusted.

Basic skills acquired by a child during young age which help them outgrow as a human are known as developmental milestones. The basic skills includes naming colors, showing affection,etc. Further milestones include how they walk, behave and speak.

Educators must prepare an environment which allows the child freedom to interact with materials, peers and teacher who understands the child’s learning need for space, materials and time to play in an atmosphere of trust and respect.The professional must recognize the child or youth as an individual who thinks, feels and acts uniquely within the bounds of the laws of human development

In this era of 21st century, necessary life skills need to be equipped by young ones as early as possible. Some of them are as follows:

• Focus and self-control: Interact with your child about what to expect each day. Your surroundings should be organized such as placing your shoes at the right place so that the child knows where to put them. This helps in developing focus and self-control.

• Perspective taking: Read books with certain characters so that they sound interesting to the child. Eg; “I wonder why the cat and the pig won’t help the hen.” To make them understand feelings, make observations. Eg; “Alex was really sad when he didn’t get the turn.”

• Communication: Young ones require high-level of interactive sessions to develop healthy social-emotional skills which further inculdes the ability to understand and communicate with others. Spend time everyday listening and talking to child without distraction.

These basic simple tips can help to form a quality curriculum in early ages with Unised International.