Ukrainian police say they have a video showing the doctor sitting at his desk while a masked detective tallies $12,000 in hidden cash found in the workplace. According to authorities engaged in a massive crackdown on fake vaccination and COVID-19 test paperwork in the Khmelnytsky region, a raid on an office of a doctor was shown live on state television as one of the hundreds of criminal investigations made public. Ukraine is presently experiencing some of the highest COVID-19 death rates in the world after a brief respite throughout the summer.

Ukraine Is Tightening Down On Falsified Vaccination Certificates

Earlier this year, Ukraine dropped behind its neighbors in purchasing vaccines, according to UNICEF, one of Europe’s poorest countries. Then there is the matter of persuading an unwilling people to accept the refugees, as is the case in many other former communist nations in Eastern Europe. The overall number of people in Ukraine with a full COVID-19 immunization is less than 7 million, and polls show that roughly half of the population does not want to be vaccinated.

Ukraine Is Tightening Down On Falsified Vaccination Certificates

Unvaccinated residents will be denied access to restaurants and sporting events unless they comply with a government demand and receive the vaccinations, which are now required for some state officials. More people are getting vaccinated as a result of the new rules, but those who don’t want immunizations now have more incentive to get phony vaccines.

According to TseytyanaMykhailevska, chief doctor at Kyiv hospital number 3’s infectious diseases department, fraudulent vaccination certificates are worsening the outbreak, and buying them is “today may be the worst crime against the country and our community.””This epidemic has had its day in the sun. To be a normal doctor in a normal setting is what we want to be. Rather than becoming a doctor through the COVID program, I want to be a cardiologist. For me, getting a decent night’s rest is more vital than taking midnight calls from worried patients “According to the media, she had started this earlier this week.

An illicit market in falsified vaccination certificates emerged in Ukraine in 2019 as a result of vaccine reluctance, which precedes the pandemic. In an August study done by the IlkoKucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation, 56% of the public said they had no plans to get vaccinated against COVID-19 in the near future. Police in the Ukrainian city of Sumy arrested and charged a man with fraud after discovering that he was using social media to sell fraudulent vaccine certifications. On the basis of a statement from the Ukrainian prosecutor general’s office, it was stated that for the sum of $3,014, he would appoint a doctor to enter people’s identities as vaccine recipients into the country’s national database.

Chernihiv, Ukraine, police said they detained a 52-year-old travel agent who was selling phony gift vouchers for $250 each and making roughly 20 every day in an unrelated case. According to Ukrainian border guards, they’ve found 350 fake official documents since August. Reuters reported that a doctor at a vaccination center in Kyiv indicated that customers have bought fake vaccination certificates and then wanted to obtain the actual vaccine.