On Friday, the UK Health Security Service said that a COVID-19 testing facility in central England had been stopped because of concerns that it had been erroneously reporting negative PCR testing results to individuals who were afflicted with the disease. Several individuals have reported that they have received negative PCR results after positive tests on fast lateral flow devices, prompting NHS Test and Trace to start an inquiry into a facility in Wolverhampton (LFDs).

A UK Laboratory Has Been Suspended After Falsely Negative COVID Test

In accordance with government recommendations, PCR tests are more reliable than LFDs, and individuals should refrain from self-isolating after receiving a positive LFD result followed by such a negative PCR positive test. Approximately 43,000 individuals, mostly in the southwest of England, may have received erroneous negative PCR test results, thereby misrepresenting the number of persons infected with coronavirus between September 8 and October 12, according to the UKHSA.

A UK Laboratory Has Been Suspended After Falsely Negative COVID Test

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According to Dr. Will Welfare, Health Research Incident Director at the UKHSA, “we have immediately stopped testing at this facility while we conduct an inquiry into the incident.”It has been shown that neither LFD nor PCR test kits are defective, and the public should continue to have confidence in their use and the other laboratory services presently available. The private firm Immensa Health Clinic, which operates the facility, was established in May 2020 and has been granted deals worth 170 million pounds to handle the results of PCR testing, among other things.

Andrea Rosati, the firm’s chief executive, said that the company was “completely cooperating” with the UKHSA’s inquiry and that the company did not “want this issue or anything else to discredit the great effort done by the UK in this epidemic.”Also owned and operated by Riposati is Dante Labs, which is now under investigation by the Competition watchdog (CMA) on claims that the company has failed to provide PCR test results on time or at all in certain cases. Conservative Party leader Boris Johnson has come under fire, with many claiming that the National Health Service’s Test and Trace system falls well short of a “world-beating” approach he had promised.

“If it were discovered that the findings of 40,000 cancer or HIV tests had been wrong, there would be an outcry, and people would be fired,” said RosenaAllin-Khan, a politician for the opposition Labour Party.”With Test and Trace, this is not the case. Hundreds of billions of pounds have been poured at a slew of private businesses that have prioritized profit above the epidemic.”The UKHSA said that the issue occurred in a single laboratory and that samples are now being diverted to other laboratories, and that overall testing availability has not been impacted.

However, some experts have expressed concern that the false negatives may have helped to the spread of the disease. According to one prevalence study, infections had reached their highest level since January. According to Kit Yates of the University of Bath’s Department of Mathematical Sciences, “we now know that 43,000 individuals are thought to have been given wrong negatives, but this does not even come close to the cost of the error.”