President Biden, in a recent virtual summit announced that the United States will buy 500 million more doses of the Pfizer Covid vaccine and donate it to countries that need it urgently to keep the Covid cases in their countries under control.

U.S To Buy 500 Million More Vaccine Doses For Global Donation

The coronavirus has not just affected the US but several countries worldwide.

U.S To Buy 500 Million More Vaccine Doses For Global Donation

While the situation in big countries like US, UK, India has been monitored frequently as they stay on the radar, there are several small countries that are unable to handle the pandemic situation but are yet not the topic of discussion as their population might be on the lower side. Several people in the U.S alone have succumbed to this deadly virus and since the vaccines were introduced, the government has spared no effort to get the citizens of America vaccinated at the earliest. 

However, the small countries, as mentioned earlier are unable to manage the resources to handle the pandemic and thus the lose of lives keep mounting there as well. The United States is doubling its purchase of vaccines to 1 billion doses to support other countries by providing them vaccines as the President hopes that 70% of the world’s population can be vaccinated within the year with the proper resources and the right people to manage them.   

This response from the U.S government has come after accusations of the U.S not doing enough for global benefits and promoting booster for its citizens at a time when many countries are not able to provide just the first dose of the vaccine to its citizens. The economical gap between nations has been repeatedly highlighted as in times of such global crisis, it is expected that the gap would be reduced, and nations would work together to handle the pandemic.

Nearly 6 billion doses have been given globally in the past year which cover around 40% of the world’ population and Biden claims that the U.S has been quite helpful and generous at the same time as it has maintained its reputation of helping out other nations by handing out 160 million Covid-19 doses to other countries while managing to vaccinate its own citizens at the same time. The leaders of other countries though, feel that it is not enough and that the U.S can afford to help out even further but has been restricting their resources even in such devastating times.

The Colombian President, Ivan Duque, at the United Nations said that the existing gaps between nations with regard to the vaccination process is unheard of which has resulted in failures of multilateralism to respond in an equitable, coordinated way in the important moments of struggle against the virus.

The Chilean President Sebastian Pinera said that the victory of humanity in the speedy development of vaccines to fight against the coronavirus has been offset by the political failure of uneven distribution. He claimed while in the field of science, several countries worked as a team to develop the vaccine, politics maintained an isolated effort.

The US has recently been talking about providing its citizens with a booster dose while there are countries whose citizens are unable to procure even the first dose, therefore highlighting the issue of uneven distribution.

The World Health Organization says that only 15% of the promised donation of vaccines have actually been donated. The Organization has asked countries to keep their pledge to contribute to a global cause in the fight against the coronavirus and provide vaccines to poorer countries, especially those in Africa. The USA has thus made an announcement to donate 500 million doses.