Not long after Twitter reported it would start testing a superior method to display images on its application, it’s presently doing likewise for YouTube videos. As indicated by another post on Twitter’s Support account, the company will today begin testing an approach to watch YouTube videos directly from your home timeline inside the Twitter iOS application. That implies you’ll have the click to snap and play a video without leaving the conversation you’re currently viewing.

Prior to this change, YouTube videos wouldn’t show a review on iOS, so you’d need to click the link to begin watching. This would remove you from the conversation to another screen where you could play the video or tap again to open the YouTube iOS application, in the event that you liked.

Presently, you’ll have the option to scroll and watch videos without losing your place on the Twitter timeline.

Twitter says it’s utilizing the YouTube iFrame Player API for this test, which will at first be live on iOS in the U.S., Japan, Canada and Saudi Arabia prior to rolling it out internationally. It didn’t offer a time span for when this would be free to all Twitter clients.

The company had declared recently it would be working toward a superior media-viewing experience on its application, including for both sharing and survey media, as photographs and recordings. With the photograph review test dispatched to iOS and Android a week ago, Twitter is presently giving clients a more accurate preview of what pictures resemble, for instance. Previously, it would crop images automatically — regularly concealing key portions of a photo.