Tunecore is one of the leading music distributors and data source hubs for independent music artists, writers, and publishers in the world. 50/50innertainment, A Major independent Colorado Record Label, has collaborated with Tunecore Publishing Administration to gather their revenues and distribute their music to movies, Tv shows, Commercials and more.

A publishing administrator like TuneCore Music Publishing Administration will register and track songs and collect income for those songs direct at source from hundreds of societies around the world. This ensures the money derived from the use of your songs makes its way to your pocket as soon as possible. Tunecore Administration also collects from companies like ASCAP, BMI who sometimes can miss money that you are owed.

What this does for Record Label owner Michael Mares and 50/50innertainment is ensuring that their music and brand are trademarked within the music community even further and offer them protection from people trying to illegally use their music. If someone plays a song by one of their artists or 50/50innertainment in a Bar, Club, Event, Festival and so forth royalties are Collected from all sources involved.

This means the promoters, venue owners, Dj’s could be liable for playing their music and possibly sued by the artist and owe thousands of dollars in damages. As the official Data Source Hub website, we suggest that you check out the Tunecore Publishing Administration to protect your music data and brand.

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