The Food and Drug Administration body in the US has taken certain precautionary measures during the pandemic period to support ongoing Covid-19 test efforts. The motive of these measures and various policies was to ensure that the test results are more accurate and reliable. 

Trump’s FDA Review Of Certain Lab Tests To Be Withdrawn

FDA strongly believes that testing is one of the most significant elements and must be given due importance at all times. Therefore, it took various steps to normalize the situation and ensure stability in the country. 

However, as per the recent reports and updates, the Biden administration is planning to withdraw the FDA review of Covid tests. The news came into the limelight on Monday when the Biden administration emphasized the fact that the FDA will no longer require a review of laboratory tests. 

For the labs The then President Trump made it compulsory for the laboratories in the States to submit the test application and use Covid Tests.

The announcement of the withdrawal of policy and the need to submit an application for laboratory-developed tests was to streamline the Covid testing process. Dr. Jeff Shuren, director of the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health in this statement states that “Covid 19 still remains at the cornerstone to bring Covid19 situation under control. 

The Food and Drug Administration is committed to bringing the situation under control by increasing the availability of tests. Easing out restrictions on Covid testing ensures high volume testing of a patient having Covid symptoms. Reviewing this type of test will lead to more accurate results. Earlier, some laboratories were offering Covid tests, and after validating the test results a notification was sent to the FDA. 

Currently, FDA has authorized over 420 tests and sample collection systems to introduce test options and alternatives. Since the beginning of the pandemic, FDA has taken every possible measure to bring the situation under control and address the testing needs of US citizens. 

The upgrading of FDA policy by the Biden administration and enforcing premarket review to improve the reliability of test results. Moreover, FDA still focuses on reviewing emergency use authorization (EUA) requests at home and point of care. The intention is to expand the testing capacity and increase accessibility.

The Human and Health Service Department of the US on Monday introduced a policy and statement to issue EUA for serial testing for molecular testing. The motive of the FDA is to continually work and ensure that Covid Test is more accessible to all Americans.

About FDA

The Food and Drug Administration is under the Human and Health Service Department of the US. The regulatory body aims at protecting public health and introducing novel policies to safeguard their interest. The administration assures the safety, security, and efficiency of human drugs, medicines as well as biological products. 

During the pandemic time, the administration has worked continually to support the vaccination and Covid testing across the country. The upliftment of Trump policy is one of the significant steps to bring the situation under control and expedite testing.