Out on the roads and up in the air, Salt Lake City Airport TSA said they’re ready to screen thousands of travelers this weekend.

TSA conveyed a tweet with pinnacle checkpoint times, requesting that travelers arrive two hours before takeoff and permit time for skiers and snowboarders coming through.

For those driving down south or out on road trip,John Gleason with the Utah Department of Transportation said there are a few spots on the road to watch out for.

“Big construction projects that we have right now [that] we’re working on are [the] I-15 Technology corridor down in Lehi,” Gleason said. “We’re adding a lane to southbound I-15 in the Salt Lake County area, so there is a lot of work happening.”

Though winter weather might not be sticking to the roads anymore, Gleason said drivers still need to be alert.

“They’ll need to focus all of their attention on the road because we’re heading into the months where we’re seeing an uptick in those fatalities,” Gleason said.

For those filling up their vehicles, AAA revealed the average gas cost in Utah on Friday was $2.34 per gallon — that is 10 pennies over the normal cost from a month ago however 20 pennies lower than the normal cost from a year ago.

The national normal gas cost was $2.60 a gallon, for those going out-of-state.

Not certain where to stop for gas? The least expensive regions for a pit stop included Box Elder, Weber, Salt Lake, Utah and Carbon County.

The most costly regions to stop for gas in included San Juan, Kane County, Garfield, Piute, Wayne and Beaver County.

Most importantly though, is driver safety.

“We want to make sure that we can do everything possible to make it a zero fatalities month and year,” Gleason said.

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