Israeli Top Model Shon Balaish and former beauty queen Ravit Asaf have joined the elite group of models and celebrities by launching a new international campaign for makeup brand Ariela Beauty. Both already have an impressive resume under their belt and are now taking the fashion world by storm again to collaborate on this brand. Balaish has been in the fashion industry for quite some time as a model, TV host, fashion blogger, internet personality, and owner of his brand SB Fashion. He has worked with some of the world’s biggest names, such as Armani and Dolce & Gabbana. His partner in the photoshoot, Ravit Asaf, is no stranger to the industry either, being a former beauty queen and now makeup artist and beauty mentor. Asaf began her career in the business world after graduating with a degree in business administration and economics. She established her makeup and beauty academy and is currently the owner of the largest leading network of professional makeup and beauty schools in Israel.

Along with being a makeup artist and beauty mentor, she hosts TV shows and radio programs, delivers lectures on empowering women, marketing, and promotion in the business world. Through her efforts, Asaf inspires tens of thousands of her students and followers in Israel. Balaish and Asaf have previously worked together on an Israeli TV show, and their experience and chemistry proved themselves by getting them this new campaign. Their professionalism and years of working in the industry made them the natural choice for this photoshoot in Tel Aviv, with talented photographer Elad Admoni, makeup artist Tali Moas, hairstylist Lidor Hadida, and styling by Eyal Hagbi.

Both Balaish and Asaf hope to continue to inspire young boys, girls, and aspiring models who are interested in the Israeli beauty and fashion industry through their extensive and active social following and influence in their fields. During her work in fashion, in Israel, and abroad, she participated in international fashion shows sponsored by leading brands. As former Miss Photogenic in the Miss Universe competition, Asaf was exposed to the profession’s secrets regarding makeup, hair, and styling from the best professionals and wants to impart her knowledge to her community. Through his work as a model and a lifestyle, food and travel TV presenter, and producer of luxury events and lavish parties, Balaish uses his influence to give people tips and recommendations on developing and fulfilling their lives. From humble beginnings to being discovered as a model while shopping for clothes at a mall, Balaish has personal experience in carving out his own success story. From adolescence, he had one goal: to make his mark on the fashion and glamor world. His rigorous hard work, resilience, and commitment to his craft have made him the authority figure and example for hopeful young individuals around Israel to live their best life. While most aspiring models take the traditional path of getting featured in a magazine and work with the best of the best, Balaish decided to take a different approach and become a fashion blogger. He also started his fashion brand so that together with his partner on the Ariela Beauty campaign Ravit Asaf, he can spread the knowledge and insight he has gained from working in the industry. Through his charming personality, entrepreneurship, and fashion brand, he hopes to be an iconic figure and inspiration to those interested in the industry.

Along with this current beauty campaign, Balaish has also been working abroad since his emergence in the limelight after he appeared on the cover of Yediot Ahronot that presented an honest and personal look into his life, which exposed him as a young Israeli international model who has worked with some of the best fashion brands in the industry in prestigious fashion capitals all over the world. Asaf has also continued expanding her leading school network, which was established to bring the top and professional makeup and beauty professions to Israel. The network now operates in four main branches and trains thousands of students every year.

As mentioned previously, Asaf exposes the beauty industry’s secrets and lectures on entrepreneurship and feminine empowerment. While empowering women has been an essential topic on everyone’s minds since the 1920s, only the past few years have seen its importance and why it is necessary to discuss it. Asaf has been a pioneer for women empowerment in Israel since 1999 and continues to make people aware and understand the importance of this subject and how they can do the same or even better than men. While both Balaish and Asaf are now predominantly focused on the fashion industry, their past academic accolades of being a jurist in their academic profession and graduates of Business Administration, Economics, and Real Estate Appraisal respectively, have proven that they have the skills, ability, and looks to take the fashion and beauty industry by storm. There is truly no telling where their futures will lead with so many notches under both their belts, but it seems that the only way is up. For more information about Shon Balaish and his fashion collection, fans can head to various social media channels and check out his new collection at Instagram: @shonbalaishofficial Facebook: Shon Balaish Twitter: shonbalaish For more information about Ravit Asaf, people can visit: Instagram: @ravit_asaf or @ravitasafschool Facebook: Ravit Asaf