The world of eCommerce is witnessing a massive boom, and ever since the covid-19 pandemic set in, it has become an increasingly profitable sector. As a result, numerous game changers have entered the race towards producing the best eCommerce services.

Best 5 Marketplace Softwares For Multivendor Bussiness

This enormous level of competition has in turn led to the development of multi-vendor platforms. What it basically means is that numerous small sellers come together and sell their products separately through the usage of a common store.

Marketplace Softwares For Multivendor Bussiness

This mode is becoming increasingly popular, especially for new business owners who wish to save themselves the hassle of setting up their own digital store and undertaking all the responsibilities that come with it. As a result, various software firms have begun to offer their services to support this multi-vendor mode of business.

Here is a list of five of the best such marketplace software, to narrow down the list for you. 


This software is extremely popular among business owners in the multi-vendor marketplace. It essentially allows you to transcend your store and turn it into a hub for various sellers, all with extremely valuable integration features. At just $349 per year, you will be able to avail all of its services, including payment and shipping options, an easy-to-use interface, the option to add products of your choice, et cetera. Webkul has software that caters to Magento 2 stores, Bagisto stores and offers advanced options for the multi-vendor platform. 


Knowband presents its clients with a PrestaShop marketplace extension. It allows them to turn their online store into a platform for multi-vendor businesses and offers vendors all the features they will need in order to set up a successful store. It costs around $139 a year, and comes with added options such as review facilities, lets you configure your store, looks after the commission’s aspect of sales, and even personalizes email templates to suit your specific business needs. It even has a superior front-end management system in place, along with a flexible product tab and even customizable shipping options.


Growcer is a multi-faceted software, which offers the best of options to its multi-vendor business clients. It is a must-have for business owners in the retail space, due to its undeniably user-friendly interface and worthy ratings. You will be able to avail of all of its services with a one-time payment of $5,000. Growcer is extremely trusted by its 200+ clients, for its exceptional service in terms of built-in CMS, separate dashboards, technical support, and seamless consumer experience. 


Based on the SaaS model, Kreezalid offers a surreal multi-vendor business experience. It allows business owners to seamlessly scale up their business by adjoining it with other vendors. Some of the key takeaways from the usage of this platform that would compel you to make use of it include the easy payment options that can be integrated into your store, analytics options, marketing tools, and extremely useful plugins. Once you have availed of the free trial, you can make use of its further services at a price of $299 a month, which truth be told, is worth the superior technical services and ratings. 


CMSMart also offers multi-vendor business extensions for Magento stores. At a price of $799, you will be able to make use of its features such as a separate interface for different admins, detailed transaction reports that help you keep an eye on the analytics aspect of your business, SEO tools as well as downloadable product options. 

The multi-vendor business space is up and running, and it too is witnessing a massive rise in the number of software offering such services. The above-mentioned ones are quite popular among the vendors in this space and offer superior services, which is backed up by their huge client base and impressive ratings as well as reviews.