It is said that customers who are completely connected are much more valuable than just highly satisfied customers. Customers today prefer to be engaged and feel connected. A great tip in content marketing is to create engaging content. 

Prospective customers who visit a new site are less likely to buy products on the site I just the first visit. Research has shown that a purchase normally takes place during the fourth or the fifth visit. Research into content marketing has also shown that 70% of customers prefer to buy after reading articles on the product rather than being influenced by ads.   

Content Marketing For E-Commerce To Boost The Sale!

A typical content marketing sales funnel revealed that in a typical market scenario, 75% of the customers are actually looking for information, 23% are comparing, and just 2% are ready to take action, meaning they are ready to buy the product. It all boils down to the basic steps of awareness, consideration of whether to buy, and the final decision to buy. To study how to increase customers and how to expand your business, there are many digital programs like Kibo Eclipse, you can also go for them.

Content Marketing Which Boost Sales On An E-commerce Store

Marketers need to understand the way people buy so that they can be influenced to buy at each stage of the funnel. For an E-commerce store to grow, a study of the sales funnels and understanding customer habits are necessary in order to create more customers and boost sales. In other words, outstanding written content needs to be put online to attract prospective customers during the first site visit itself. The first step in the right direction is content planning. The next steps are the identification of the target market and what the targeted shoppers would be like.

Some great tips on generating content ideas are 

  • joining Facebook and Whatsapp groups related to your E-commerce store. You can even create a new group yourself and then start feeling the pulse of the market.
  • Checking out bestselling books on Amazon and finding out if any are related to your line of business
  • Listening to podcasts by people in a similar field as you  
  • Directly asking prospective customers what they want

Once you get content ideas to promote your E-commerce store, you can consider posting content in the form of live videos, podcasts, webinars, E-books, and even comic books, social media content, blogs, and articles.

It has been found and observed that interested people will react to these different forms of posted content by tagging the content, forwarding them, sharing them, and even commenting on them. 

Curating content is necessary as this format clubs other people’s content in a way that adds value to your targeted audience. This is effective as 76% of marketers share curated content regularly. One way of curating written content is to newsjack it. That way, this curated content is sure to show up in search results which is necessary to bring in first-time surfers to your site and ultimately to your products. A great tip is to use roundup posts that also contain surveys and results.

These tips on Content marketing will surely help boost sales for E-commerce stores.