Keeping yourself updated should not be a manual chore, it should come to you automatically.

The afore-mentioned is the driving factor behind a rising news portal on the internet titled Times of New York. Times of New York is one of the most successful media outlets in the industry which is not restricted to reporting about a single category of affairs. Be it entertainment, tech, business, sports, or politics, keeps its readers up to date with all the latest happenings across a broad spectrum of industries.

Not just this, the news outlet has seen dramatic growth in readers and organic traffic in the last few months thereby establishing a strong presence on Google.

Founded in February 2019, it is growing at an expeditious momentum. Besides the website, Times of New York also highlights its presence across all the social mediums. With having millions of impressions from the time it launched, the traffic has grown exponentially in recent unprecedented times where the demand for genuine news and honest journalism has risen multi-folds.

Updated daily, the readers cannot restrain themselves from bookmarking to their browser windows for a quick glance at the top happenings in the world every now and then.

In a short span of time, ToNY has earned its recognition among top influencers of the world and has carved out a name for itself amongst other media competitors in its industry. What makes it stand out is the simple and reader-friendly style of reporting. Breaking down complex news stories in simple terms for its readers is highly admiring.

To sum it up, Times of New York is slowly but steadily climbing up the ladder of exceptional journalism and is on its way to becoming one of the top-rated news networks in the world.