Mohsen Avid, whose real name is Mohsen Parhizkar, is an Iranian rapper and composer born on September 8, 1993, in Tehran, Iran. He talks about the important topic of singing.

Singing is a skill based on the memory of the vocal muscles, and of course it is a skill, more than the ability to speak. In order to become a good singer, we must be able to breathe properly, read with high strength and resonance, and not deviate from the right step and note. Singing is a lot of fun, and if done right, it will be accompanied by a world of admiration and encouragement. How should the voice come out of the throat to sing? None of the singing teachers in Iran are voice teachers, and they only teach rows and methods. How a student can make a sound song and how to fix a defect in the singer’s voice has never been seen before in Iranian traditional music.

When a student participates in a singing class, without first knowing how to produce sound, correct salfage, song theory, how to make sound, and how to produce writing, he is confronted with reading in a certain corner of a device, which frightens many singing enthusiasts. And they will run away from the class or if they persist and attend the class, they will not be able to read properly, so it is necessary to teach the student the above items and methods first of all. To have a good voice, we must have a proper lung. That means we have to have a good breath. From the basic explanations that you all know like this: Do not smoke cigarettes. Do not go out in polluted air. Just drink lukewarm water, do not shout and I do not say what you know and…
Mohsen Avid continued: “You can even practice singing with a friend and acquaintance who has already taken singing courses, but it is always better to be educated under the supervision of a professor and a professional.” Doing the wrong thing with a singing technique can hurt your voice. If your voice is not strong enough, know that it is due to growing muscles and improper use of the larynx and vocal cords. If you do not have the financial means to go to school and study under a singing teacher, use the training CDs available in the market or other examples available on YouTube. Research and be careful in choosing a singing teacher. Many seek personal gain only by exploiting the passions of those who are interested in unprincipled and long-term methods, and among them are professors who feel responsible for their student and their credibility.

Mohsen was asked a question, is proper breathing effective in singing? Mohsen answered this question
Failure to pay attention to this issue will cause problems for even well-known singers in live performances. Your voice sounds exactly like a wind instrument. The act of breathing makes up 80% of the singing, and a proper performance begins and ends with proper breathing.
Mohsen Avid then pointed out three golden points about correct singing: Important points when singing:
• As you warm up your voice, you should cool your voice after the song is over.
One of the exercises known as projector is to open your mouth as wide as you can when uttering words, as if you want the words to be as large as a projector on the wall in front of you.
Another exercise that will help you find the resonance of your voice is to bend over in the back of a chair and start reading. The vibration you feel in the face mask (nose area, under the eyes and behind the teeth) works like a microphone for your body and strengthens your voice.

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