The story of how to become a YouTuber usually starts from the fact that you record your first video with total motivation and spending a lot of time planning. You compile the video and finally upload it for publication. At this point, after hours of work, you might expect to be able to get as many views as the fingers of one hand, but most of the time, that really doesn’t happen. The reason for this is because your media is new. You do not grow unless you are seen. You have a lot to learn. You need to learn how to create a compelling title. How to build a powerful Nile Tomb. How to grow faster. In this article on how to become a YouTube user, I am going to teach you 5 valuable techniques so that you can grow faster with their help.

Convincing title

Creating a creative title and thumbnail is the first and foremost part of your job. Something that many novice YouTubers do not take seriously. It is interesting to know that professional youtubers around the world start choosing the title and thumbnail of the video before making the video. Fingerprints are actually the small images that represent the video. In fact, with the release of your first video, Google’s artificial intelligence to offer your content to people begins. If people like the content of the given link, YouTube will suggest them more, and if they do not, the video will be less recommended. But in the process of offering your video to people, only the titles and thumbnails are decisive. The audience has not seen your content yet and just wants to be convinced by the title and the image whether they want to watch the video or not.

Do not forget the hook

Another important point for growing your channel is creating a hook at the beginning of the videos. Something like kids fishing. In fact, you only have 15 seconds to get the audience to watch your video. People decide to watch or skip your video in less than 15 seconds. You have little opportunity to hook them. Hooking means that the audience will be satisfied to see your video. To satisfy the audience, you should not go to the margins, you should not take the time, you should not be boring. You do not need to introduce yourself or your expertise at the beginning of the video. You do not need to play your teaser or motion graphics at the beginning of the video. Do not miss a short time. In the first 15 seconds of each video, it is better to tell the audience clearly and completely what the subject of our discussion or training is about.

Sometimes youTubers put the most controversial part of their video in the first 15 seconds of the video. For example, you have a channel in the field of humor and you work with a hidden camera. In one of the scenes, a verbal or physical conflict occurs between the actors and the subject. Now this sequence of fights and fights can be a good show for the first 15 seconds. Many times, especially in art education, it is better to put the result and the end part of the video first. For example, you are planning to publish a tutorial on painting pottery. Here, the prepared and painted product with a beautiful display is placed in the first 15 seconds, to show the audience that if you want to create similar works, it is better to watch the video to the end.

Be creative in creating hooks. Sometimes you need to play a role, sometimes you make a fuss. You have a few seconds to engage the audience in the video, that’s all.

Work smart

The structure of the human brain is such that successive failures can deter the brain from continuing. It is evident that the feeling of motivation or despair is strengthened by each victory or defeat. I want to consider a person who has published 70 videos to date but has less than 20 subscribers and nothing special has happened to him to date. This person can easily give up following the path because he is disappointed and continuing the path does not create value for him. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

Here, my most important advice to anyone who wants to become a YouTube user is to be careful not to drown yourself in a whirlpool of successive failures. Because it wastes a lot of energy on you and you will probably stop going.