Before sunrise, cars are lining up and tiny heads are coming out of the back seat of the windows, tightly closing their eyes and tilting back their noses which are stabbed due to Covid-19 infections.

For the children who are endangered with the ones with Covid in one of the Marietta city schools classrooms, testing early morning in the nearby church parking is becoming the routine instead of the quarantine.

As There Is An Ongoing Quarantine Period Of Covid-19 Exposed Students

If the endangered students were tested negative and had no symptoms, they can go back to their schools individually and can offer some solace to the parents who have been devastated by the remote schooling in the pandemic.

While if the students are tested positive, they need to be quarantined at home. 

As There Is An Ongoing Quarantine Period Of Covid-19 Exposed Students

This method is tested to stay and the US center for disease control and prevention is working with the selective school districts across the nation to evaluate the practice. Marietta city school has told CNN for originally executing the test to stay program on its own. Also, it is one of those school districts that are in a whiff with the CDC as an evaluation process.

Grant Rivera, the superintendent of the Marietta city school in Georgia told CNN on Monday “In the city school, we are recognizing the students who are testing Covid-19 positive through a test to stay and it’s about 3%.”

Rivera also said, “This is the success measure, about 3% of the students are participating in the test to stay positive. It only means that we can have 97% of them in the class”.

In a traditional quarantine program, 97% of the students who have tested negative will stay at home from their schools.

In the test to stay program, the student or staff member who is observed as school-based close contact with someone infected with the Covid-19 and is asymptomatic has the choice of participating in this program.

For example, a week in late September, 318 students and three staff members are eligible for testing to stay for five days. In this course, 123 test to stay tests happened. Out of which 6 were positive and 117 were negative.

Rivera said about this approach, ” I am looking for the foreseeable future, we will be coming out every day on a school day to make sure that our kids have this option.”

Rivera further added “It will be done in the Meritta city not because we have public health guidance. But because we have seen a model in a different state. Hence, I was a superintendent who has been tasked with not developing the solutions but leading them. He wants more public health guidance on today’s data and dynamics”.

As per public health official meeting with states for discussing the potential ” testing to stay” technique for schools. This statement has been passed by CDC director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky last week in a White House virtual corona briefing.