Ehsan Neyzan recently mentioned in a press conference issues such as the science of music theory and live performance and the level of literacy in music, we will examine the following article.

Toric Science:

The musician must be familiar with the scientific principles of the work in order to progress; Be up to date; Collaborate with different people in different groups and…

Of course, drowning in principles also has its drawbacks, but a perfect musician definitely needs to know the science of applied music theory.

Applied music theory means: The amount of theory needed to play and analyze and… in music, for example, a musician would not be considered a weakness if he did not know counterpoint.

live performance :

Playing at home is like dripping a sofa and a chair. You will never be the best footballer in the world at home.

Perhaps the main feature of a musician is a live performance.

Depending on the circumstances, the fish must have at least one live performance for at least 20 people.

In general, the nature of music is live performance

Just as the nature of the performing arts is not live performance, the nature of arts such as performance is one hundred percent in live performance

For example, if the art of theater only means live performance and the nature of art is like live theater

If you make a film from a theater, it is no longer a theater, but a film is a theater
And if you stand between the dialogues or give a so-called cut, it becomes a tele-theater or…

And if the location changes, it becomes a cinema

So as you can see, every art has a nature in its presentation

And the nature of the art of music is live performance

Recently, during the last 100 years, with the possibility of recording music, most musicians have started to record their works.

They went in the direction of permanence.

And this has become stronger day by day to the point that the nature of this valuable art is being forgotten.

Creativity and courage:

If a musician is only going to do something new to a great degree, never style; Type of music; Schools and نمی did not come into being

And if the same performances are to be performed as before, it will be boring after a while.

So a musician has to be creative and brave.

You may be wondering why you are not making significant progress in music
Because you:

You do not take your music seriously

If music is a minor part of your life, please give up music. Talk to people who are willing to move on to music. If you believe you have something to offer in the world of music then please take your music seriously. Being serious does not mean false self-confidence or saying bad things to other artists. It is an important part of your attitude towards your music. Take your music seriously, that is, try with all your might to gain knowledge, experience and promotion in your work, despite all the shortcomings. If you do not take your music seriously, you will not pay for it, so you will not succeed.

Your level of knowledge is low

Another reason you do not progress in music is that you do not know exactly what to spend! For the most part, composers attribute musical success to expensive equipment. If without knowledge, the equipment is just a beautiful showcase. So raise your level of knowledge so that you can distinguish between professional and non-professional work and make an effective investment in your music. Interestingly, there are people who, by learning a few terms of mixing and mastering, think they have reached the pinnacle of knowledge. But the science of music, like other sciences, has no end. To gain knowledge, anyone can learn a lot using the Internet. But to be honest, this is not a perfect choice. Being self-taught adds to science, but not to experience!