Newfound career choices can be overwhelming and confusing to the common eye. Digital marketing is one such career profile that is surrounded by skepticism about its viability. Adroit digital marketing moguls like Rohit Mehta have made it their priority to educate the eager and confused individuals about the prospects that lie in digital marketing. Rohit Mehta is a certified digital marketing professional who has explored the caveats of digital marketing and has implemented numerous successful campaigns that have garnered the maximum possible ROI for his clientele.

Rohit Mehta is very vocal about the prospects that lie in digital marketing. He speaks about his personal experiences rather than reciting bookish statements that understood by a few. He says, “It would be boorish to look away from a lucrative proposal such as digital marketing. As the saying goes, make hay while the sun shines, fits perfectly in this context. No industry is outside the grasp of the internet, whether it be manufacturing, retail, hospitality, etc. Therein lies the possibility of a complete digital marketing overhaul using all the bows in the quiver that includes digitisation of business through websites and applications, awareness about the business 3its products via social media marketing, running sponsored advertisements to increase outreach and so on. The possibilities are endless with digital marketing and as I have always said, digital is ubiquitous. It’s better to prepare yourself for the transition to the digital age with appropriate digital marketing skills.”

Rohit Mehta is one of the few ones to have tasted success in digital marketing at a very early age. He says, “Digital marketing was confusing to me when I first tried to find some answers about my blog and its performance. With little information available, I had to send out a lot of time learning via paid and free course modules along with the trial and error method to see what worked and what didn’t. Luckily, there wasn’t much competition as it is now so gaining traction on the internet was easy. If you expect the same kind of success with a six-year-old strategy, you are in for an utter disappointment. Digital marketing evolves on the fly and there is no other best approach than being vigilant 24/7 about the updates in the search engine algorithms, new strategies and dissecting the metrics generated during each campaign.”

Rohit Mehta understands that all this information seems overwhelming to a newbie which is why he launched his digital marketing information portal, Digital Gabbar, to help beginners understand the complexities prevalent in digital marketing and how to evade them and mould them for benefits. Digital Gabbar comprises experience-rich blog posts that explore every attribute of digital marketing in detail. The credibility of the content is vouched by Rohit Mehta, who along with his team of veterans in the digital marketing industry, share their experiences and insights about a topic of digital marketing frequently. Digital Gabbar has amassed a valuable user base in such a short time and is becoming a hotspot for learning about new digital marketing techniques as they hit the market. Rohit Mehta doesn’t believe in holding back information and strives to add value to every post published on Digital Gabbar.

Digital Gabbar encompasses information about digital marketing and its sub-niches such as affiliate marketing, social media marketing, sponsored campaigns, blogging, YouTube, etc. Rohit Mehta is planning to expand digital Gabbar to cater to more subcategories and assures that plans are in motion. Digital Gabbar will also hold podcasts and video interviews with notable digital marketing professionals and entrepreaders who have made it big in the industry with their zeal and knowledge.

Indian Gabbar is a new start-up by Rohit Mehta which exists to give a platform to emerging creators that need exposure to a much larger audience. Indian Gabbar is a blogging site that tries to promote a creator that has the potential to make its mark in the industry. Rohit Mehta is determined to help those in desperate need of an audience that appreciates and believes in a creator and Indian Gabbar is a mammoth of a step in that direction.