The need for a booster shot has gained much popularity in the past few weeks. As per some medical experts and FDA, the vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer are becoming ineffective with the passage of time. 

The State Of Arkansas Allowed Booster Shots For All Adults

Almost 26 states have filed a lawsuit against the Federal Government against the unlawful mandate of vaccination and masking in the country. Some medical experts have even given a signal of the upcoming winter covid 19 surge in the States. The Holiday season can be worse if people gather and party on Christmas. 

But some states like Colorado, New Mexico, New York City, and California have already allowed all the hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies which have been authorized by the central government to provide citizens with booster shots. 

Now in this list, a new name has been added and the state of Arkansas has now allowed the authorities to offer Covid 19 booster shots to all the adults in the geographical location.  There was a press conference held by the Governor of Arkansas on Monday to communicate about the decision made and he announced that “he has already asked The Health Department of Arkansas to issue new guidelines that will expand the eligibility to provide a booster shot to every adult in the state. 

The CDC has already directed all the states to provide their vaccinated citizens with the booster shots very soon as with this winter season there can be a rise in the delta variant Covid 19 cases. 

The booster shots requirement will be assessed by the adults themselves and whenever they feel like having a booster shot they can visit the authorized hospital or clinic to avail the booster vaccine. 

Yesterday Colorado tightened its social restrictions and passed the rule to showcase proof of vaccination above the gathering of more than 500 people. 

The decision to offer booster shots by these states is voluntary and the federal government is yet to announce this to expand eligibility.

Till Monday night there were nearly 85,000 Covid 10 cases per day in the United cases according to some news. This surge in cases is approximately 14% more than the previous two weeks in the USA. The average death toll in the States is around 1,129 per day. But the good news is that the death rate and hospitalization rate have seen a fall of 14 percent and 7 percent respectively.  

The Medical Experts have urged the White House to make clear instructions and make decisions to allow all the adults to be eligible for the booster shots. The winter surge is near and fast decision-making is required to fight the rise in the delta variant cases. 

The Arkansas Health Department stated that now all adults are eligible for the booster shot if they have received the second shot of either Moderna or Pfizer vaccine at least 6 months and at least 2 months since they got the single dose of J&J vaccine.