You’ll likewise have to switch to the new application to see recent activity and transactions.

Google has informed US clients regarding the more seasoned Google Pay application on Android, iOS and the web that they’ll have to move to the new application to continue sending, receiving and transferring money. The first form will lose that include on April fifth, just as the capacity to get to recent activity and transactions. Google released the new, overhauled application in November.

The change will just influence clients in the US until further notice, as Google hasn’t revealed the most recent application to different regions yet. Individuals somewhere else can continue to utilize the first application as regular for the present.

It shows up clients of the old application will in any case approach their digital wallet, including payment cards. That version may in any case prove to be useful in certain situations. You can just utilize the new Google Pay application on each device in turn.

In the event that you actually have assets in your Google Pay account after April fifth, you’ll just have the option to get to them through the new application (which is as yet in Early Access). Something else, Google’s help group can physically move the cash to your financial balance.

Google will likewise update the service’s terms for US clients on April fifth. It will build the base age for a Google Pay account from 16 to 18.