The Salt Lake District, Yuncheng city, north China’s Shanxi Province, on Sunday imparted to the world just because a portion of the nearby governments’ practices and investigations in social administration as a “blue book”, as per the Publicity Department of the Salt Lake District Committee of the CPC. Li Guodong, the individual from the Blue Book composing group and VP of Peking University’s Boya Strategy Group, said that the Blue Book is entitled “The Practice and Innovation of Salt Lake District in Chinese Virtue and Filial Piety Culture”, which is isolated into four sections: History, Practice, Innovation, and Prospect.

“It reviews, summarizes and deeply analyzes some good practices of the Salt Lake District in the past 10 years, and also reflects its potential, direction and path in the future development,” Li Guodong said.

Yuncheng, known as “Hedong” in antiquated occasions, is situated in the center region of the origination of Chinese human advancement. It is the incredible main residence of Emperor Shun and Chinese culture of excellence and dutiful devotion. In China, there are numerous tales about Shuns’ dutiful devotion to his folks.

As per the legend, Shun’s ideals moved heaven and earth, when Emperor Yao resigned, individuals suggested Shun as his successor. They made a cadre investigation and popularity based assessment of Shun. The outcomes demonstrated that Shun was exceptionally perceived by all.

“The code of conduct and moral ideas advocated by the virtue and filial piety culture still has practical and strategic significance for today’s global social governance,” said Xue Yongqi, agent secretary of the Salt Lake District Party Committee and locale representative, at the public interview.

It is accounted for that since 2010, the Salt Lake District has set up a benchmark for the virtue and filial piety culture, set up a sensible reward component for exceptional agents, and consistently improved the training system arrangement of the virtue and filial piety culture, making it a subject, an objective and a bearer for every one of the exercises in the general public which delivered certain impact and scattering an incentive in China.

The Salt Lake District has constructed a “six-in-one” stage for the advancement of the Virtue and Filial Piety Cultural, to be specific the Day Care Center for the Elderly, the Virtue and Filial Piety Lecture Hall, the Virtue and Filial Piety Culture Wall, the Rural Library, the Virtue and Filial Piety Literature and Art Publicity Team, and the Virtue and Filial Piety Volunteer Service Team. Individuals clearly call it “a meal, a class, a wall, a book, a play, a family”.

In excess of 400 virtuous and dutiful devotion records set up in urban communities and 117 virtuous and filial piety cultural walls set up in country grassroots have assumed the job of “selecting a person to influence a large area and educate the whole society”. Simultaneously, 445 virtue and filial piety cultural execution groups performed in country and community throughout the entire year; 591 volunteer assistance groups with about 70,000 volunteers active in different volunteer help exercises in urban and rustic regions of the district.

Via completing out the culture of virtue and filial piety, the Salt Lake region has advanced the custom of regarding the older and the renewal of rustic culture and economy.

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