The retailer has the new streaming gadget available to be purchased for $49.99, two days before its dispatch

Google’s Pixel 5 occasion is planned for this Wednesday, yet a portion of the organization’s other new devices are as of now showing up on store racks. That incorporates its all-new Chromecast, which some canny purchasers have had the option to buy straightforwardly in-store from retailers like Walmart and The Home Depot through the span of the most recent week.

The Verge has bought one such gadget from The Home Depot and can affirm the retailer isn’t preventing clients from looking at and taking the pre-discharge item home.

Not all stores give off an impression of being selling the thing; we attempted two and just found the new Chromecast at a subsequent area. Also, contributing the widespread item code recorded on the receipt into the retailer’s site restores no outcomes, so it would show up you can just buy it from the get-go face to face.

The receipt doesn’t state Chromecast on it; it just records the gadget as “SABRINA-ABBEY ROCK CANDY,” which is the equipment’s codename (and another hint that the Chromecast is being sold in front of timetable). Google didn’t quickly react to a solicitation for input.

We’ve seen bounty about the new streaming dongle spring up in spills, including its new oval plan and Google’s originally committed Chromecast far off. Be that as it may, because of these early deals, we’re getting significantly more data than we as a rule do in front of delivery. Here are some large takeaways, gathered both from our own understanding and that of others who’ve held Q&A’s on Reddit and somewhere else:

The gadget costs $49.99

The codename is in reality “Sabrina,” as early holes recommend in light of the fact that it’s imprinted on the receipt itself (in full as Sabrina-Abbey, despite the fact that it’s hazy precisely what Abbey implies or what it might be referring to)

It arrives in a white completion that Google calls “day off”

It runs a rebranded variant of Android TV called Google TV (not to be mistaken for Google’s other ancient keen TV foundation of a similar name originally delivered 10 years back)

We’ll have more to share about the new Chromecast soon. Google’s legitimate Pixel 5 equipment occasion — where it intends to declare the new Chromecast close by other new equipment, including a speaker from Nest — is booked for 2PM ET on Wednesday, September 30th.