The vaccination drive in the USA has seen a positive surge and many people are coming upfront to avail vaccines and booster shots. Now even different states are passing resolutions to allow every adult to determine the severity and avail Covid 19 booster shots. 

The Heart Inflammation Rate Is Higher In Moderna Vaccine

There is always a tough competition between Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations and we also saw many medical experts have different opinions that are partially divided between the usage and approval of vaccination for the people of the USA. 

The Heart Inflammation Rate Is Higher In Moderna Vaccine Than Pfizer

Moderna in its latest interaction announced that its vaccination is much more effective than Pfizer. They defended by saying that their vaccination offers complete protection against diseases,  reduces hospitalization and death rate. 

As per some medical experts and reviewed data, it has been found that heart inflammation or myocarditis is high in the Moderna vaccine as compared to Pfizer. Also, to finalize the approval of Moderna’s two-dose vaccine for the age group of 12-17 years must be done with due care and The FDA needed some more time to review this decision. 

Though as per the latest reports there are more than 71 million citizens in the States that have been immunized through Moderna Vaccine. The data has been compiled by the CDC.

The Chief Medical officer Dr. Paul Burton, there are certain reports that state the myocarditis cases amongst men under the age of 30 are high after Moderna vaccination. Whereas such positive heart Inflammation cases are very less in the Pfizer vaccine.

The high rate of myocarditis has become a major concern for medical experts and scientists in the States. Though it has been noted that the breakthrough rate amongst Moderna vaccines is less than Pfizer. 

As per data from CDC it was analyzed that there were 86 breakthrough cases per 100,000 people for the Moderna vaccine as compared to 135 in the case of Pfizer. 

The Scientists are closely working with the medical experts to understand the major reason behind why more young men especially men under 30 are prone to myocarditis after taking Moderna Vaccination. In certain cases, there are very severe heart problems faced by men which result in even death. In the Moderna vaccine, there is a higher usage of mRNA dosage than Pfizer. 

There is an elevenfold increased death risk of unvaccinated when compared to those who have received 2 doses of the vaccine.

But there is some twist that for those who have received the Moderna Booster shot, the company has not received any Myocarditis cases. The booster shot contains half of the dosage as compared to the first 2 doses of the vaccine. 

Dr. Burton stated that the company has been directed to keep a regular check on such cases. The Myocarditis cases received are very mild and can easily be cured on their own. 

Now, let us wait for Pfizer to comment on the issues raised by Moderna on its vaccines. Though this two-way comparison will always be there, the decision to vaccinate people must not be done in a partial way.