One day later and Mr Stevenson had returned the marked homework of the plans that we all were expected to have done. I was over the moon when I saw the dividends from my effort. I saw Chantelle’s work and it was then that I realised that I had a better understanding of the work than she had. Mr. Stevenson could not even give her a grade because the scale was either wrong or the measurements were off. I managed to take a picture with my mobile phone. Not that I am gloating because Chantelle was now my best friend but it really goes to show that not all is as it seems. I was determined that I would help her as much as I could, to learn all of the concepts she wasn’t understanding.

An extract from the book ‘The Girl Who Shone Like A Star’

My daughter sat in our living room. The television was off, the headphone gone, and in her hands she had this book. I stared at the title of the book cover facing me, The Girl Who Shone Like A Star as I tried to process it all. I wanted to know more because my daughter seldom reads and the author’s name Andrew Beckford rang a bell to me. I knew that she had a teacher by that name and he was a very popular Geography teacher. I had to know more because my dreams had come true especially during a pandemic that had caused lock down. I went upstairs and went to Amazon where I read up on the author. I saw his image and It was him, it was her teacher.

I also read the blurb and I was really intrigued and impressed to say the least. I had to share his image with you. He does not mind because I told him and also he says it is public so shoot away. I was just pleased that he was helping my daughter to love reading and at the same time she was learning. I only realised how much she was learning when I ordered the book myself and secretly read it through. What an inspiration. The book never disappointed me. It was about the main character Brittany who had Cystic Fibrosis, something I never knew about, and how with this debilitating disease, she was able to inspire her peers and in the event she was able to self-motivate and raise the self-esteem and self-worth of any child, in fact anyone. I would not suggest this book to only girls but also boys, women and men. It was a powerful tool to lifting anyone out of depression as it did for my daughter and myself during lock down.

At the same time there was so much to learn. It was as if you were in a school. Afterall; the setting was in a school and the subjects being taught in this story were relevant to the curriculum that my child was learning at the time. It was truly a blessing in every way. The empathy for those in certain situations was what my daughter needed just as everyone else needed.

I did not only ordered and received my copy of the Girl Who Shone Like A Star, but I also ordered another of his book ‘A Boy’s Cry’ for her. Shhh! It is a secret, I ordered it for her and I hope that it will be a pleasant surprise for her. I implore everyone to get your own copy now. Go onto Amazon now and order your copy. You will not regret it at all.