In 2009, New Classrooms Innovation Partners developed a technology-based platform designed to improve student comprehension and mastery in math. The goal was to meet students where they were using computerized analytics to identify individual gaps in learning and help students close thosegaps by mastering the skills needed to advance.

A decade later, Teach to One is used in classrooms across the country and has been touted by Bill Gates as “the future of math.” Throughout the years, New Classrooms has developed a strong adaptive curriculum by partnering with leading digital and print-based curriculum providers, ensuring the highest standards for individual student growth. 

When COVID-19 forced schools to close in March 2020, New Classrooms swiftly worked with its school partners to bring the already partially digital platform into the virtual learning environment. The organization developed parent resources and gave them access to the platform to assist their students with at-home learning. The organization also supported teachers by providing tools, tips, and additional resources to help offset the complicated and confusing time. 

By late summer 2020, New Classrooms had identified that the traditional, in-person style of learning was not likely to resume for the upcoming school year. More and more students continued with virtual learning into the 2020-2021 school year, and many teachers and administrators are working as hard as they can to keep up with the challenges that come with it. 

When faced with an opportunity to further develop the Teach to One platform and address the extreme learning loss many students have faced because of COVID-19, the team at New Classrooms used their resources to respond. The team improved the academic design of the approach to help shape where, when, and how each student learns. This holistic, personalized learning solution is known as Teach to One 360.

How Teach to One Uses Tailored Acceleration

Teach to One is a holistic, personalized learning approach that challenges the traditional education model, which is built on the assumption that all students need to learn the same thing at the same time. Teach to One offers tailored acceleration, allowing students to follow a pathway formulated just for them, which includes a unique blend of pre-grade, on-grade, and post-grade skills, filling the gaps of unfinished learning.

Teach to One 360 offers eight unique instruction modalities, enabling students to learn concepts in the way that works best for them. These modalities include teacher-led instruction, peer collaboration, and independent learning. On any given day, a student may work on their specific math skill in one or all of these instruction modalities.

Teach to One 360 promotes tailored acceleration for improving the student’s understanding, mastery, and retention of core math concepts. This tailored approach to instruction allows the student to achieve grade-level proficiency efficiently and at their own pace. This allows some students to take extra time to fully understand one skill, while another can move ahead if they have mastered the concept.

Teach to One 360’s Adaptive Personalized Curriculum

Teach to One 360 is a dynamic and adaptive personalized learning solution that provides teachers with the ability to tailor learning to what each student needs to succeed in math. It is made up of school-based learning modalities that combine an academic design to provide students with a personalized structure to adapt to where, when, and how students learn best. 

The adaptive, personalized curriculum can be used as a core modality to replace a school’s current math course, or it can be used as a supplemental approach in addition to the core math curriculum set by the school. Educators can use Teach to One 360 in a virtual learning setting or for in-person classroom settings.

Teach to One 360 provides students with a skills and concepts map so they can visualize how certain math concepts are interconnected, allowing for tailored acceleration. It provides a skills library so students may choose which lesson best fits their unique learning style, and it is adjusted each year based on the student’s individual performance. Teach to One 360 provides high-quality content derived from a variety of education partners and includes more than 9,000 curated lessons.

Students are challenged with personalized playlists and daily assessments. The playlist provides an individual unit of study that guides instruction and establishes learning goals. Daily “Prove It” assessments and periodic diagnostic assessments help ensure that students are on track to master the skills necessary for grade-level proficiency. 

Eight Learning Modalities vs. One

Teach to One 360 provides an innovative change to how students are taught. The typical classroom setting offers one way to learn – traditional teacher-led instruction where all students learn the same thing at the same time. With Teach to One 360, students are afforded more than just one option for learning and skills mastery. 

By working through each modality, the student gains a deeper level of conceptual understanding of each lesson, and it allows them to identify which learning style works best for them. They have an opportunity to learn in small groups and through peer-led collaboration, as well as on their own with virtual lesson plans, reinforcement, and independent practice. Teacher-led instruction is part of the learning experience, encouraging students to think critically and reflect on the skills being taught. 

Student progress is measured in real-time, and teachers are provided with a vast amount of resources to encourage and support their students’ progress. Parents and students can access their own dashboards on the platform to celebrate progress, find materials to help reinforce skills and knowledge, and advance in-class learning.

Adaptive Curriculum for the Future

The COVID-19 pandemic has opened our eyes to the extensive gaps in the current education model, especially in the subject of math. Now, there are many conversations taking place regarding the current state of our traditional education model and how we can adapt and change. 

New Classrooms co-founders Joel Rose and Chris Rush continue to share the benefits of personalized learning, encouraging teachers, administrators, and school districts to look outside of the box for ways to support their students’ education. They encourage innovation and the use of technology to help students not only pass but also master the curriculum.