The Covid 19 has been the worst nightmare for many. With more than 5 million deaths the world has been shaken by this pandemic. Many experts feel that it will also affect kids in a very negative way. 

In the past few months the delta variant symptoms have been found in the kids and they were hospitalized too. 

Is The Covid Vaccine So Effective For The Kids? Read To Know Better

Last month The Biden Administration successfully approved the use of Pfizer vaccination for kids between 5-11 years and it was considered a very bold decision.

Many medical experts argued that vaccination for kids is a very early decision and requires some more scrutiny and it will become a questionable act in the future.

Is The Covid Vaccine So Effective For The Kids? Read To Know Better

But now this decision from the FDA and CDC to vaccinate kids has been praised by many families as the delta variant covid 19 virus is very dangerous for the children. The families are rushing towards the vaccination centers to get their children vaccinated to fight against the virus.

The parents stated that vaccination is the only tool to protect our kids and ourselves from the coronavirus in the future. We all have to work in a sync form to beat this deadly disease. 

As per some facts and figures presented by the CDC stated that in the initial 2 weeks more than 2.5 million kids got registered and got vaccinated. Some medical experts said that these are good numbers and the vaccination rate is almost double that the adult vaccination percentage. 

The goal of the central government is to fully vaccinate eligible kids from 5 to 11 years old. This will help in reducing the chances of new infections in the kids. This vaccination drive will work as a backdoor and will surely help in reducing the spread of the covid 19 virus in a very effective way. 

Christmas is around the corner and surely most of the people will be throwing small gathering parties at homes and most of the people will be maskless and it can be a danger sign for the kids. So, in order to stay protected and enjoy the winter season and Christmas holiday with your family, all adults must get vaccinated.

The Biden administration is leaving no stone untouched and taking major steps to inform parents and kids about the vaccination. 

Earlier last week The First Lady of the USA came up with a video to make everyone understand the importance of the vaccination for kids between 5-11 years of age.

The President has also urged most of the schools to take spread positive information about vaccines for kids. The teachers have great influence over the kids and the families, so these teachers can play important role in achieving the goals of President Biden. The school

The delta variant has caused much more destruction in the United States. Vaccinating kids will surely create a difference and they will be more protected and can enjoy the festive season with their families without any worry.