Text Chemistry Reviews – Do Amy North’s Text Strategy Work?

Text Chemistry Reviews

If you have been searching hardly for the Text Chemistry Reviews, then you’ve come to the right place, here I will be discussing all the aspects of text chemistry including the negatives. Wondering what exactly it takes to keep a man interested over text? Want him to forget about every other woman and shower all his attention on you and only you? Connecting with a significant other online is not something new, especially in the current pandemic times. The chemistry you develop over text further determines the course of your relationship. 

Text Chemistry Reviews – Does This Zeigarnik Effect On Text Chemistry Scientifically Proven?

If you prefer starting your relationship as text mates, then Text Chemistry can be of great help. Text Chemistry by Amy North teaches women how to keep men engaged via text messages. Learn how to keep things fun, flirty, and interesting!  

Text Chemistry Reviews

Can Text Chemistry actually help you spice up your dating life via texts? Read this honest Text Chemistry review to find the answers you have been looking for!

What Exactly Is Text Chemistry?

Text Chemistry ebook is a popular online dating program that has been designed to make men fall head over heels with women. This unique program will make his heart pound with excitement and hunger for you over texts. If you are sick of your text messages being ignored, then Text Chemistry is simply for you!

Learn how to communicate better with men. The simple strategies in this program will teach you how to flirt with them with the intention of turning them into your boyfriend. Cast a hypnotic love spell on him to rekindle romance into your relationship. This unique program will leave men feeling totally obsessed with a woman. 

Text Chemistry program consists of a 13-video series, a main eBook, and three bonus e-books. The main focus of this program is on building significant chemistry with someone via texting. It does not matter whether you are single or already in a relationship. This program will leave him blushing and tingling.  

 About The Creator Of Text Chemistry Ebook

Eager to know who the author of this sensational Text Chemistry is? Amy North, a psychology graduate, a relationship counselor, a YouTuber, and a best-selling author, has developed this revolutionary guide to assist women. Currently based in Vancouver, her YouTube channel currently has 592k subscribers. She wants women to feel loved and be happy. This is the reason why she has developed a special program for women to find and keep their Mr. Right.

 Creator Of Text Chemistry

She has also authored The Devotion System Program. Her Goddess Manifestation Secrets have been acknowledged worldwide by her followers. She is also acknowledged as a best-selling author with over 100,000 copies sold.

How Does Text Chemistry Program Work?

As the title suggests, this online Text Chemistry assists the participants in developing chemistry through text messaging. Apart from providing examples of texts, the audio file also focuses on how to use cliffhangers and arousing curiosity in someone to capture their attention.

Known as Zeigarnik Effect in psychology, the techniques are based on the fact that the mortal mind always craves a solution. When things are left unresolved, the human mind is more likely to think about it or remember it. Amy North formulated these ideas while she was still studying psychology at university. Read this Text Chemistry review further to learn what you can learn from this intensive program.

What Will You Learn From Text Chemistry Guide?

Text Chemistry is based on the early research that Amy conducted while at the university. She honed her skills in her career as a dating coach and relationship counselor to compile Text Chemistry.

She studied the patterns about how couples would text each other to help them navigate seamlessly through their relationship. 

If you think you are not good at grabbing a man’s attention, then this guide is just for you! Text Chemistry is all about capturing a man’s attention and making him think about you and only you.

Amy teaches you the concepts she calls “attention hooks” that are also used by the screenwriters to draw audiences to their TV shows and movies.

She has taken these exact techniques and adapted them to keep men hooked on you. Text messages with attention hooks play a powerful role in tapping directly into a man’s focus system. Without even realizing it, he will start paying attention to what you say, even if he is miles away.

Text Chemistry is more of a practical guide that provides you with situational-appropriate texts so you can deploy them in any stage of your relationship.

Whether you are flirting or want to keep your relationship exciting in the long term, Text Chemistry will serve as a dependable guide you can rely on.

Is This Text Chemistry Ebook Only For Women

Text Chemistry is for women who are looking to communicate better with men. It is ideal for women who want to 

❤️ Captivate someone’s attention with the intention of turning them into their boyfriend

❤️ To come across as interesting and funny to their boyfriend

❤️ To turn things around with a husband or boyfriend who seems to be losing interest or pulling away

Rekindle things with an ex

❤️ If you are already in a happy relationship with things fun and exciting, then this guide won’t be essential to you.

Benefits of Text Chemistry Program

There are numerous reasons why women are crazy about this revolutionary Text Chemistry program. The main reasons have been listed below.

A Program Backed With Scientific Evidence

The facts and text messages stated in the Text Chemistry have been backed by science and psychology tactics.

Modernized Approach

Most eBooks and dating programs these days are full of outdated advice that has become obsolete. However, Text Chemistry provides more relevant tips for chatting with people on popular social media applications and dating apps like Tinder.  

Helps You Build Your Confidence

Once you have finished the program successfully, you will feel more powerful at managing situations. Being equipped with the right knowledge will help you apply real-life scenarios seamlessly. This, in turn, is going to give a tremendous boost to your confidence.  

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Amy North is so confident about the techniques she shares in her program that she has offered a money-back guarantee to her customers. Anybody unsatisfied will be refunded their money within a span of 60 days. 

Pros And Cons Of Text Chemistry


✅ Easy to understand

✅ A program backed with scientific evidence

✅ Backed with a 60-day money-back guarantee

✅ Value for money

✅ This Text Chemistry ebook has been tried and tested on all kinds of men

✅ You will feel more confident about yourself at the end of this program

Text Chemistry advantages


❌ Doesn’t apply to everyone as it is not suitable for women who don’t use their phone often to engage with others

❌ The target audience for this program is single women looking to build their confidence

❌ Currently available only digitally in the form of videos and PDF document

❌ Can be accessed only if you have a working internet connection on your device 

Is Text Chemistry Legit Or Not?

The Text Chemistry program is based on years of experience that the creator has amassed during the course of her university program and while interacting with her clients as a dating coach. The program is 100 percent legit and has been based on psychology principles. The best thing is that the program is backed with a 60-day money-back guarantee which is enough to prove that it is legit.   

Text Chemistry Customer Reviews & Complaints

Although the results may not be the same for everyone, Text Chemistry has managed to attract high ratings from past customers. As the program relies on the power of science to offer effective results, you can always rely on it. According to Goodreads, Text Chemistry has an above-average rating of 4.19 out of 5.

Many have claimed that it is the best texting guide they have ever come across. They believe that it has answered some big questions and comes with lots of example texts to use and adjust. The book has been described as straightforward, simple, and effective by the readers.   

Text Chemistry Pricing And Where To Buy Them?

If you prefer to purchase a physical copy of Text Chemistry, then you can purchase the paperback version for $24.99 from Amazon.

However, if you want to benefit from the complete program created by Amy North, then you can purchase it from her official website currently at a discount for just $49.95.

This program is not available on retail stores or e-commerce sites.

There may be fake products selling both online and offline in the same name. Make sure to ensure the authenticity of the product before purchasing. Turning to the official website would ensure 100% risk-free purchase and you will also be secured with the 60-day money-back guarantee. Click here to check out the official website. 

Bonuses On Text Chemistry

Tinder Success Secrets

We all know that there are a majority of people on Tinder who are not looking for anything more than a hookup. This doesn’t imply that there aren’t any quality men using the application. This bonus guide teaches you how to make your profile stand out for increasing your chances of finding “the one”.  

The Phone Game

Having conversations on phone implies that you will be able to hear the person on the other end. Not everybody is good at holding proper phone conversations. This bonus guide teaches you to step up your verbalization game and indulge in more effective talks. 

Why Men Leave

Breakups do hurt when they leave without any explanation. This guide provides you detailed insight and educates you on the real reasons why men bail. Being armed psychologically will make sure that you keep your partners always interested in you. 

Final Verdict On Text Chemistry Reviews

Text Chemistry reviews or simply Text Chemistry ebook is indeed a valuable dating program designed by Amy North. She has a lot of valuable insights to share for both sexes. It provides you a new perspective on relationships and provides practical examples of how to use them in everyday life to your advantage. I believe that women will be better equipped to text a guy and keep them interested after going through the eBooks and video sessions. Give it a try as you have nothing to lose!