Tesla is pushing to level up its Mobile Service contributions once more, as indicated by CEO Elon Musk at the company’s yearly investor meeting the previous evening. Musk said that the company is working to add even more capability to its mobile repair fleet, including the ability to change out bumpers.

Tesla’s service team found that the greater part of the client disappointment as it identifies with administration originates from crash fix. “We’re adding things like bumper repair and minor collision repair,” Musk said. “If I look at the things that most trouble customers, it’s the things like collision repair taking an eternity and a third-party body shop charging an arm and a leg after taking an eternity.”

Body work is costly, yet Musk and team accept that quite a bit of that work should be possible in an service focus building, yet in addition from one of its Mobile Service vans. “We’re moving a lot of the body repair in house at Tesla and even providing it on mobile service. We just did our first bumper replacement from a Mobile Service van. Typically, collision repair can take weeks or months, but in this case, it took less than an hour.” That could be a game changer for Tesla as it scrambles to keep its service offerings growing at the same crazy pace that sales of its new vehicles are.

These changes are a piece of an a lot bigger push to not just give fundamental auto fix administration to Tesla proprietors, yet to rethink client desires for vehicle service. “I’m actually really excited about our Mobile Service,” Musk said. That’s on par with someone admitting to getting excited about treating athlete’s foot, but whatever. But in reality, he was just getting to the good stuff.

Tesla has dependably been getting it done at the crossing point of hardware and software, and it is presently carrying programming to stand to understand its administration troubles. “So, we have Mobile Service vans that will come fix your car as soon as it breaks down. It actually will immediately send a note to Tesla Mobile Service and it will be on the way to fix the car.” Having a car that advises the organization to come fix it would be an important improvement for proprietors while in the meantime cutting the way ahead for completely self-ruling vehicles. Who is going to bring the car in for service if there is no longer a human driver? The car, of course!

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