Fans of the Real Housewives of New Jersey are well aware that even Joe is in danger of being deported apart from his family. Teresa Giudice has been living her best life, traveling to places like Las Vegas, Miami, etc and has met someone new too. The TV star actually admitted that she hooked up with another man.

In other words, it would be right to say that, Teresa has been partying and she has no concern with Joe who is in Italy at this point in time, waiting for the final decision about his deportation case.

After all, to attend parties is part of her job and she has to focus on earning money for her daughters. Teresa does not seem to allow his impending deportation to stop her in any manner.

A reliable source has shared that, “Teresa is not thinking about Joe’s thoughts when she’s off in Miami or Vegas or wherever she may be because she’s busy working. All of these appearances, trips, etc. are a part of her job and she’s solely supporting a family of six right now, so she takes every opportunity that comes her way and does not miss a beat and Joe knows this.”

It was also shared that, “He doesn’t do social media or read what’s on the internet and he’s halfway across the world, so he doesn’t even really know where she is unless they talk, which they still do all of the time because of the girls and the ongoing case,’ they went on to share with the same news outlet.

To be practical, Teresa Giudice Doesn’t Care About The Situation With Joe and it may have several reasons, for instance as mentioned above she would be worrying more about her daughters to be fed. After all, it has been more than three years where she has been forced to live away from her husband. In other words, Joe has been forced to stay away from his family because of his prison sentence while he appealed for his deportation to his native country Italy.

Teresa revealed last month that she and her husband will be appearing on the TV together however she is not very much excited about the same. Joe was to appear in a video chat while Teresa and Andy remain in the US. Joe and Teresa will be reuniting physically. Their daughters Gia 18 years old, Gabriella 15 years old, Milania 13 years old and Adriana 10 years will be meeting their parents too and to be in specific with their father.

It is said that “Though Teresa and Joe won’t be filming their first sit-down in the same room, it’ll be as if Joe will be there in real-time with her and Andy. The family is still going to be going [to Italy] together in early November.

All these years, Teresa has been making sure that everyone is doing Okay when they are all away from the man of the family. She calls the girls to check on them.

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