The vaccine mandate has been one of the major rules enacted by the Federal Government. But many states are truly against this mandate and passing laws not to force such a rule on the citizens. One such state is Tennessee, where the Governor passed the bill to limit the enforcement of the vaccine and mask mandate bill. 

Tennessee Passes A Law Limiting Vaccine Mandates’ Enforcement

Earlier this week, a Tennessee sheriff wrote to President Joe Biden, stating that he will not comply with “unconstitutional” vaccination demand that he believes will drive many people out of the profession at a time when it is already seeing a large exodus. 

Tennessee Passes A Law Limiting Vaccine Mandates' Enforcement

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee indicated on November 10, 2021, that he will approve legislation against The Central Government’s vaccination and mask regulations. The new law addresses a number of key challenges for companies in terms of COVID-19 preventative efforts. 

Even in other states, many large corporate houses have said against the government vaccine and regular testing rule. 

Sheriff Tom Spangler of Knox County wrote to President Biden on Monday, detailing why he believes the requirement will “put the lives of Knox County people in jeopardy.” Spangler is alluding to Biden’s proposal, which would oblige major corporations to demand vaccinations for their staff. 

The government doesn’t care about 1.97 million Tennessee residents and it will affect their lives negatively. President Joe Biden’s administration has “weaponized” the COVID-19 vaccination by making it a requirement, according to Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, who is preparing to battle it in court.

Biden’s plan, which would oblige big corporations with more than 100 employees to avail mandatory vaccination and regular testing for their employees, was slammed by Lee. While Biden Administration officials claim the mandate is aimed at increasing general immunizations in the face of COVID-19 outbreaks on which Lee and his fellow Tennessee lawmakers disagree.

A Tennessee employer can never ask his employees for documents of vaccination and then take any kind of action against them if they fail or refuse to show it. An employee, on the other hand, may have a motive to remain silent and not answer (or lie) when asked about immunization status. 

The law might lead to a fight between TOSHA and OSHA over the adoption and enforcement of OSHA’s recently issued COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) for major businesses (100 or more employees). The restriction in Tennessee law on forcing workers to show proof of immunization status is in direct contrast with the federal ETS. 

There are still unanswered issues about the new law, such as whether it will be challenged in court, the method for obtaining an exception, and if Tennessee would adopt the federal COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing ETS. 

Many businesses have raised their voices against the illegal mandate as The White House also nodded yes to a $ 14,000 penalty on the employers if their employees don’t get the vaccination. It will create a financial crisis situation for the companies and might increase the unemployment level in the state and right now companies can’t afford the same.