Over the years, hip hop, especially rap has grown to be the favorited music genre for people all over the world. Many people aspire to become a rapper only to come to terms of how difficult it really is. As exciting as rap is, it can be quite challenging to excel in, Shecky has shown no signs of slack in his craft and continually demonstrates his musical abilities.

However, Shecky Feels that there can be a set of criteria on which we can judge the best rappers of all time. For me, a great rapper has to have a good balance of the following categories: the body of work, impact, commercial success, storytelling, songwriting, longevity, live performance and rhyme skills.

For Shecky, music has been one of his main passions. He says “Many of my favorite artists I listen to, I try to take something I find unique about their sound, whether it be their cadence, delivery, or just overall self image, and I try to craft it into my own thing, I am very determined to find success.” He stated that Drake, Kanye West & Travis Scott are all amongst his favorite artists that he looks up to for inspiration.

Shecky was smart enough to leverage traffic using his rap skills from the social media sites like Instagram, YouTube and other places to gain good fans and followers. He used YouTube and other platforms to share and promote his songs to start getting a number of views and thus the fans or followers for him making him an influencer on social media with Rap Music. Some of his popular songs and albums include Shecky – Billet, Shecky – Success,  Shecky – Dis-Leur, Shecky – Donne ca, Lala-Lala, Coup de Coeur, Zik2k20, From the Write Side of the Tracks, Donne ca, O.G, How Many Times, Shecky – Lettre a la republique, Shecky – Billet. Shecky – Dis-Leur,  and many more.