A Supreme Court judge has said that he will not block Indiana University’s plan. He intends to make vaccines a requirement for all its students and staff to get vaccinated against Coronavirus. This marks the first instance when the country’s highest court declared its stand in the matter. Certain businesses, cities, and states require that their employees receive their shots against COVID 19.

Supreme Court Not To Block Vaccine Mandate For Colleges

This applies even to dining in indoor restaurants. Others are pondering upon the possibility of adopting similar measures.

Supreme Court Not To Block Vaccine Mandate For Colleges

The eight students who filed the petition against the mandate alleged that such a mandate violated their constitutional right to bodily integrity, freedom, and the right to choose the medical treatment ideal for them. They wanted the court to block the university from issuing such a mandate. Seven among them are eligible for an exemption due to religious reasons.

College authorities all over the nation are contemplating the legal complications of imposing vaccine requirements. Students have filed similar lawsuits in other states.

The court did not even ask for a response from Indiana University before rejecting the request. The Justice did not even ask his colleagues to consider the matter. The Justice who blocked the request is the one responsible for handling emergency situations for the Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit. This also includes Indiana.

The Federal Appeals Court comprises of three judges. Two of them were appointed by former President Mr. Donald Trump. It is one of the two lower courts that allowed Indiana University to continue with its plan to require vaccination for its students and employees. The legal proceedings are still going on. Even then the University requires that its 40000 staff and more than 90000 students across its seven campuses get vaccinated before the fall semester.

Students who refuse to comply with the requirements will lose their registrations. And the employees who do so risk losing their jobs. The ruling allows exemption on religious and medical backgrounds. But those are required to undergo testing for COVID 19 twice a week. In the meantime, the university has asked its staff and students to wear a mask even in indoor settings irrespective of their vaccination status.

When refusing the appeal, the court reminded the students of the options they have. They can stay off the semester. They are free to view their classes online. They can also apply to other universities, the judge said. He also added that the university would not be able to operate if it becomes a super spreader for those residing on its campuses.

Indiana University has the right to decide what is best for their staffs and students. And the court does not consider the requirement demanding. It allows exemptions based on medical and religious backgrounds.

Students, in the meantime, say that they are adults. They know what is best for them. And they have the right to choose their treatments. The verdict of the court is disappointing and thus they plan to proceed with their lawsuit. Their fight is not over, they said.

The university, in the meantime, thanked those who supported its right to protect its students and staff. It also said that its campuses are ready to welcome students who are vaccinated for the fall semester.

As per the policy, all students and staff will use a COVID 19 vaccination report form available on its official portal. They have to attest to their vaccination status after creating an email account on its website. Get vaccinated at the earliest. Health professionals say this is the only way out of the pandemic. The country has a sufficient number of vaccine doses available with it.