Amid fashion month, time is rare and stress runs high. But then, Dutch supermodel and mother of two Doutzen Kroes remained as calm, cool, and gathered as can be, notwithstanding stopping for a short recess amid Paris Fashion Week a awesome look into her recently advanced magnificence routine. “You know, you take advantage of having anything good in your life and my skin has always been good,” clarifies the 34-year-old beauty.”But obviously I’m aging and want to take care of [it] so I age beautifully.”


Starting with skincare, Kroes gently taps hydrating elixir onto the under-eye region.  “I started doing [this] maybe a year ago—way too late” she laughs. “[But] here we go, giving a good example to the young ones out there!” After slathering on moisturizer, she gives herself a dissemination boosting facial back rub, delicately plying two fingers along the jawline and cheekbones.”When you [do] this, it drains all the water out of your face, so it’s really good to do in the morning,” she explains. “When I do this, I feel like I have a less puffy face.”


For inclusion, Kroes taps on concealer to cloud under-eye bags, at that point soaks her face in a shroud of L’Oréal Infallible Fresh Wear 24HR Foundation. “I use my hands because it warms it up and really massages it in,” she says. “This is a tip I actually got from Pat McGrath, she would just blend it like [she was doing] a face massage. I feel like it’s a really good way of making it look natural.” Making beyond any doubt she doesn’t miss a spot, she spreads the foundation  down to her neck (“It’s your second face!” she says), and taps more concealer on the ears and along the  hairline with a Beautyblender before swirling bronzer into the hollows of the cheeks to lightly contoured effect.


“This is something my children freak out when I do,” says Kroes while curling her lashes with Charlotte Tilbury’s Life Changing Lashes Eyelash Curler. “They do watch me put on my makeup and my daughter loves it. She wants to do it too, but she’s too young. She loves [it] more than I do!” Then, with a dark black eyeliner pencil, she tightlines between her upper lashes and smircesh out towards the external corners of her blue look.  “It makes the eye shape more almond instead of round,” she says. “These are the kind of tricks you learn when you’re a model.”


Removing her mascara wand from the tube, she clears off the tip with a tissue to dispose of clusters before covering her lashes in the inky shade. At that point, after a couple of strokes of Laura Mercier’s Eyebrow Pencil and resemble lip balm,, she touches her center finger on the doe tip utensil of her  bright fuchsia lip stain and presses it lightly into the mouth for a diffused wash of color. Taking down her lush blonde mane ahead of her evening out, she blows a kiss and says goodbye in her native Dutch, “Doei!”

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