According to a recent study, aerosolized toxins will get bloomed by the algal bacteria. This process can be protected by following the simple procedure masking!

Researchers say that algal toxins are formed by the dense amounts of harmful toxins which get contaminated into the water as well as air. This process will create severe health problems especially for people who live near to water.

Researchers say that the results were similar about the intense blooms for toxic algae which are trying to become a common occurrence alongside the coast of Florida, United States.

New Study Finds Protection Against Aerosolized Toxins By Face Masks

The results were modified by the researcher by this new study, the university scientists have found that face mask which is worn by everyone which is the most accustomed thing during COVID pandemic because this helps to protect the airborne toxins also.

It is not only that mask can save you from the spread of Coronavirus, there are many other pollutants in the air that can damage your health and a mask can prevent them from penetrating your body. Doubtlessly it depends on the type of mass and presence of such pollutants in the air in the area you live but as per experts, it is useful everywhere.

The university researchers and scientists had constructed an experiment for understanding the effective measures which are commonly available in face masks, and air conditioner filters. Both mechanisms will filter out the emitted toxins during any harmful events like algal blooms.

New Study Finds Protection Against Aerosolized Toxins By Face Masks

Cassandra Gaston is the lead author and researcher of this study, she stated that “she found face masks as well as air-conditioned filters with the high filter-based performance which can instantly reduce the exposures which are filtered out to be small such as toxin-contained particles”.

The filter materials are enabled to be effective during the filtration process with other types of small finest particles. Haley Royer is the first co-author of this study; she stated this theory.

Haley says that “as we all know about the face masks is essential for prevention on the transmission of coronavirus between persons”. The harmful blooms of algae are often referred to besides the red tides and also blue-green algae.

On this note, they get exacerbated by the rich nutrients which get run-off from the industrial waste and agriculture which gets ended up in the waterways.

Researchers had noticed the noxious particles which enter with moist nature by breaking the waves, this results in airborne toxins which can cause severe illness and health problems for marine life and human life as well.

This theory of airborne toxins might affect the indoor air quality which particulates for homes and businesses near the contaminated waterways.

After some research, researchers had started experimenting to create a bubbling device that helps to produce the airborne toxins which contain the particles. When bubbling air is invented in the lab, this gets contained by the liquid cultures for toxic producers named “blue-green algae”.

Researchers had used the three types of cut-outs and the other six types are purchased, AC filters to upgrade the home stores to place them in-line by the generated particles for determination of filters blocked particles and masks with different sizes.

Later, they used an N95 mask, medical-grade, odor-filtering carbon fiber masks, and disposable surgical masks. Commonly, AC filters are used for the window units with centrally air-conditioned units; this shows the different levels of performance rates.

Researchers note that due to the change of climate harmful algal blooms might be expected globally which increases the nutrient runoff in this growing study population. To study the COVID-19, 60 to 140 nanometres are used for investigating the size of particles.