The US has witnessed a devastating picture when it comes to noticing the spike of Covid-19 cases and the respective deaths.

All this has created a great need for taking immediate action by the Federal Government to curb ever-increasing Covid cases. 

States Continue To Oppose Biden’s Vaccine Mandate For The Employees

Amongst some of the steps taken by the Biden’s Administrations, the vaccine and regular testing mandate for the employees and workers has been opposed by many states.

The State of Florida even called a special session to pass the law to impose penalties on businesses that will comply with President Biden’s vaccine mandate rule. 

States Continue To Oppose Biden's Vaccine Mandate For The Employees

Last week a group of 10 US states filed a lawsuit against the vaccine mandate rule of President Biden in Missouri and the lawsuit of all these states was led by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson. 

On 15th November Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry on behalf of a group of 12 states challenged the rule and filed a lawsuit in Louisiana. He said that the White House has no right to impose such unlawful decisions on the people of Louisiana. 

Biden believes that the only way to get out of this critical situation is mandatory vaccination. He further adds, “I would have preferred unvaccinated population to get through this time of crisis. Although, the condition states otherwise.” Biden has issued mandatory vaccination for all health care professionals and has issues with orders to get at least a single dose of vaccine till the start of December month. He believes that only if the health care workers are safe will the population remain safe. 

America has witnessed the deaths of thousands of innocent souls due to the delta variant Covid-19 virus. A maximum of these people was unvaccinated and as per data from The FDA, 60 million Americans are yet to receive vaccination, and thus the government is encouraging the population of America to get vaccinated. The USA has already crossed the death toll of 780,000 and still, the deaths continue in number with each passing day. 

These States believe that the vaccine mandate will bring a threat to the jobs of the health care workers. The health care workers were solely responsible for saving thousands of lives and risking their own in the initial stage of the pandemic and did double shifts. Although the vaccine mandate can change the entire scene.

Schmitt added, “The latest mandate by the Biden administration is just worsening the conditions and the workers who don’t take the vaccine shot will be eliminated from the job and such a condition would create a shortage of healthcare workers for the nation. 

Although many think that the vaccination mandate will bring in more safety for the American citizens and will help eradicate the situation of pandemics soon. And, you couldn’t choose both sides of the same coin at the same time. It is the second mandate issued by different states of America and It has created great concern regarding the health of the public. 

Biden administration has not yet filed the responses against either of the lawsuits. Both the suites are eagerly waiting for the response and expecting a change in the mandate rules. If mandate rules get relaxed the chances are the risk of Covid-19 delta variant may rise among the people. ṣ