EngelsInn’s creative and learned team of professionals take care of every procedure and aspect of the online jewelry store.

The world of social media is really a boon for all across countries and the various business industries. A few years ago, nobody could have thought of the advancements that people are now being witness to. It is incredible to know the growth patterns that businesses and brands have seen due to the surge of several online mediums and marketing techniques that have made it easier for many in the competitive industry to survive. Talking about the accessories and jewelry industry, people feel lazy to head to a physical store for shopping nowadays, especially when it comes to buying only jewelry. They believe that they can get great patterns and designs at affordable rates at their doorstep by just virtually going through the various brands and selecting the ones they like. Leveraging this shift in attitude and lifestyle choice of people, ENGELSINN, a Germany based online jewelry store opened up their venture last year in April to cater to all such needs of varied clients, not just in their country, but across the world.

Any e-commerce brand cannot become a success story overnight. It takes hours of relentless hard work, determination and perseverance of all the people involved in the business to get nearer their goals of the business. ENGELSINN too opened itself as a small brand that made small but significant efforts in growing in the initial stages of its business. It started its operations on a very basic level and gradually through their consistency in providing creatively designed jewelry items reached international customers.

Even when it comes to creating a team for an e-commerce brand, the most essential aspect of building a robust platform is to build a robust team. ENGELSINN follows a very detailed procedure in hiring individuals in their team. The team grew from 4 people to 20 in just one year of its inception. They find individuals that have qualities of honesty, teamwork and hard work, which matches and resonates with the brand. With this, they have built a very connected team of employees, where different individuals from different departments work unitedly and in coherence for the development of the e-commerce business.

For an emerging or even an established e-commerce business, it is important for the team to develop a bonding with each other, where they understand each other as a family, welcome newer ideas and appreciate each other on achieving even smaller goals, this way the work environment becomes conducive for everyone and helps in scaling the business. ENGELSINN also provides a free training session to the workforce in the first week of the job. It has been ahead of many others in the industry keeping in mind all these values and attitudes and today has clients not just from Europe but all over the world.

The various decorative and distinctive pieces of jewelry by ENGELSINN is a work of art and something that can attract everybody, the women with necklaces, mesh, bracelets, rings, etc. and the men with armbands and accessories. Checking out their website can give an idea of the same www.engelsinn.de.

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