If you are regularly checking your skin and looking for signs of melanoma, then you can save your life from cancer problems. Dr. Arun Mavanur, who is a surgical Oncologist, said that people should do a self-examination of their body to find any kind of changes in their skin.

They must do a full check of their whole body in a mirror at least once a month. They can use a hand mirror to see those areas which are hard to see. 

Spotting The Deadly Melanoma Skin Cancer Signs

In case you find any kind of changes, you must concern your doctor to recognize the risk factors of melanoma. Some of the risk factors are light and freckling hair, fair skin, a weak immune system, personal history of melanoma, moles or lesions, excessive exposure to UV light and unprotected from pollution. 

Spotting The Deadly Melanoma Skin Cancer Signs

Due to ample factors now the health hazard of melanoma is being common in some areas and hence to protect self one needs to be alert with any variation seen on the skin.

There are many reasons for this risk and primarily it is associated with lifestyle and eating habits but it can be caused due by excess exposure to UV light and exposure to hazardous chemicals which may be a part of life for some people said the doctor while explaining the causes.

Dr. Arun also mentioned that, if you are feeling or thinking you might have melanoma and especially when you have moles or lesions, then you must see your doctor or dermatologist.

You should visit at least once a year or you can visit more often as well. He treats patients at Alvin & Lois L. Cancer Institute in Baltimore. 

He recommended people to look for the following signs while doing self-examination test:

  • Any kind of sore which does not heal and bleeds after some weeks. 
  • Moles which are wart-like growth, tend to bump or any spots. They can be new or any old one which is growing. They can be black, brown, or multicolored. 
  • Some sore patches are continuous crusts, bleeds, and itches. 

If you are having these things or you detect these changes in your body, you must consult your primary doctor and take immediate action. Arun said, “Melanoma can happen to anyone at any age.

It is more common and tends to happen with people while growing as the sun damages the skin if you have excessive exposure to sunlight. 

Dr. Arun said that some people tend to work more outside in the sun and get these kinds of skin changes. If the moles of lesions are increasing then they must see their dermatologist as soon as possible. Some people tend to get this problem in their mid-40.

After aging, one should see the doctor more often to know all kinds of problems and especially if they are having similar issues like this. 

In the 30s and 40s, people tend to work more outside and are connected with sunlight, pollution, and other skin-damaging factors. So, if they are having issues or excessive moles. Itching, rashes, and dark patches, they must see their doctor take action again any skin cancer issues or melanoma. 

Skin cancer has become very common these days due to UV light, viruses, and other harmful gases. We should take care of ourselves after a specific period to see any kind of changes in our bodies.

As Arun mentioned, it can happen to anyone at any age so you must see a doctor even if you are below 25 or 30. One should not take any risk when it comes to health and skin.