Entrepreneurs like Cody Cornwell are at the helm of this dream-realised. From humble beginnings, Cody Cornwell has established himself as a leading branding expert. He shares his insights on how brands can leverage social media to augment growth.

Cody was born in San Diego on February 29, 1996, and raised in Ohio. He took up odd jobs, but they could not keep him from establishing Heavy Marketing LLC. Cody has worked with numerous brands and companies over the years. He specializes in building the brand’s image through nuanced strategy and various media, including social media. Cody added, “We live int he digital age, and it is essential to leverage social media as part of the strategy to augment your brand’s credibility, visibility, and overall image.”

As a millennial entrepreneur, Cody understands the importance of leveraging the power of social media. His clients rely on his first-hand experience as a renowned branding expert to help them scale up. He believes social media is like “a never-ending book of stories” where “the characters are often writing themselves.” Cody believes that brands can leverage social media to redefine how they interact, transact, and connect with their audience. 

Social media, he says, “is a wild ride. You are either onboard or sitting by the sidelines and letting opportunities pass you. While Cody’s work ethic, professionalism and extensive knowledge as a branding expert have garnered him much recognition, he continues to look for ways to excel further. He always encourages his clients to focus on the digital aspect of brand building. What’s needed most is a customized, cohesive strategy, and that’s where Cody Cornwell outshines the rest.