Shrey Yadav is a young 16-year-old digital marketing expert and social media influencer from Haryana. Since his early days, he was much influenced by the workings of the digital medium and his passion turned into a profession with time. He initially started his journey by creating content based on lifestyle on various social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. He instantly struck the right chord with the audience which resulted in the enormous growth of his online followers. The USP of his online content made him top the popularity charts and made him a known face in no time.

Shrey Yadav has been responsible for developing creative digital marketing strategies and plans for various brands and businesses which have made them zoom ahead of their competition. He is a well-known figure in the world of digital marketing and his work speaks volumes about him. His creative and robust digital marketing strategies are right on target which has helped many businesses flourish in no time. “the entire scenario has changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic with many brands and businesses migrating to the digital medium, having said that just getting yourself digitally active does not guarantee success as online visibility is very important for growth. In the absence of a proper social media marketing plan your business won’t reach the right customer base resulting in nil progress,” says the expert. Ensuring brand visibility is crucial along with a result-oriented marketing strategy to make your business a raging success. This is the point where his expertise comes into the picture. According to him, social media platforms play an important role in improving audience engagement. If you can reach the right audience through these platforms, it would automatically result in improved sales creating a positive impact on your business.

There are many other methods like SEO strategies, pay-per-click, paid advertisements on popular social media platforms which if utilized in a proper manner can work wonders for your digital visibility. Shrey says that there are innovative digital marketing strategies that pop up with time and brands and businesses should be flexible enough to adapt these newly introduced methods to have a cutting edge over their competition.

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