The phenomenal growth of E-commerce in the last 4 years has made it necessary for E-commerce sites to use content sites, tools, and gimmicks in order to make their sites as attractive and lucrative as possible in order to direct more traffic towards them and ultimately increase sales

Merits And Demerits Of Wix & Shopify

There are several sites such as Shopify and Wix.

Merits Of Wix

Wix has a user-friendly interface, has a strong brand focus, has multilingual sites, has over 500 templates. This site has advanced e-commerce tools that include global shipping payments and abandoned cart emails.

Merits Of Wix

Wix is better designed to support and manage blogs. Ecommerce sites use blogs very effectively for providing specific information that gives specific e-commerce sites an edge. There are selected keywords in the main text of the eCommerce home page that takes visitors to individual blogs that provide detailed information and insight. On the subject of providing blog support, Wix is a clear winner.

The disadvantage of Wix is its capability for catering to small businesses only.

Merits Of Shopify

Shopify has a larger reach and has a larger number of SEO and eCommerce inbuilt that help strengthens eCommerce sites. These include SEO tools, plugins, and AMP readiness and these are not available on Wix.

Merits Of Shopify

Shopify has grown so much in its diversity that it supports over 100 payment options including the hugely popular buy now pay later schemes that have literally taken the eCommerce world by storm.
Both Wix and Shopify facilitate the installation of online apps and here Wix has an advantage. Some of the best apps featured by Shopify include dropshipping, product reviews, customer wishlists, and currency conversion. Wix operates a little differently and has apps such as Ecwid that help the eCommerce site using it to manage in different scenarios.

Demerits Of Shopify

Shopify has some demerits and they are opportunities for improvement. These include setting image ALT tags, a forced URL structure that forces users to move to move to a subfolder structure, handling of redirects, and the handling of large title searches and meta descriptions.

Shopify has become aware of these flaws and is working on linking google searches so that search descriptions can be customized. They are also working on making their users and subscribers more aware of SEO tools. Shopify is also working to facilitate their site redirects smoothly without the customer becoming aware of a change in site. Most customers prefer to believe they are buying from one large store and that everything is available in one large store.

Features Of Wix & Shopify

Both Wix and Shopify have common features such as cloud hosting, issue of SSL certificates, drag and drop editors, discount programs, SEO access and capabilities, mobile apps, and API access.

Wix and Shopify were also compared on the basis of key operational features such as payment options, set up, product range, and special features.

Wix offers eCommerce customers the special feature of a thank you note with a discount coupon to a customer after they have made a purchase.

Shopify, on the other hand, has a special dropped cart feature where automatic emails go out to shoppers that they have not completed an order and that there are incomplete carts. Sometimes, additional discounts and promos are offered as an incentive to complete a sale.


Both Wix and Shopify seem to have their advantages and disadvantages. Ecommerce sites need to evaluate the size of the business, see which has the special features suitable to the growth of their eCommerce site and adopt the best one.