Shivam Bangwal is a 21-year-old from Garhwal, Uttarakhand who is digital marketing consultant, a BCA graduate 2020 and currently pursuing MCA from Chandigarh.

Started his career as a freelancer and grabbed many notable artist/celebrities where he used to manage their social media profiles to grow organically and provide technical support to them. After getting a good response he started his Celebrity Social Media Management and Pr agency with other sort of services. Now Shivam has recently started new digital marketing agency named ‘Digital Leader’ which is specialised in politician marketing.

His company “Digital Leader”, which was launched in November 2020 provides all sorts of services related to digital marketing to politicians. Some of the services are Social Media Management, Promotion and PR. Now Shivam has 10+ politicans who are being managed by his agency and is also providing them other sort of services too.

“There are many options to earn online but Digital Marketing grabbed my attention” says Shivam. The young self-made entrepreneur from Uttarakhand knows how to give a business a good start with the right digital marketing tricks.

Being an inspiration to many this guy has motivated and keep pushing his friends in Digital Marketing world who are now also earning a good amount with the knowledge and tricks Shivam shared with them. Shivam said “To become an successful entrepreneur doesn’t take much time in this era.”

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