If you are already not aware of the silent parties, then you are in for quite a ride because this is soon to become a new thing. Trends come and trends go but there are some particular innovative aspects of life that most do not want to let go of. The silent party movement is currently leading the industry and Shannon ball run has decided to continue with this since it has changed the entire outlook of event organisations, there is something absolutely unique about people jamming over headphones in a room. Everyone, almost every person around you might be tuning in to a completely different genre of music and you wouldn’t even know! Urban Fêtes from Shannon Waldron brings these comforts to all those who enjoy it.

Shannon Waldron is a rather interesting personality. Quite qualified, he graduated from The Southern Illinoisan University in Carbondale, majoring in business management. Since he has always been interested in organising events and bringing together brands as well as accomplished millennials, business management seemed to be the best option. Right now, he has proven his vision to be true by establishing himself in the field and bringing on various trends according to the market. One cannot run a business without proper innovation and recognition of what people truly demand.

Urban Fêtes has been here for about a decade now, starting out in 2011. It completely hit up from the very first day, guess why? It focuses on consumer satisfaction first. Be it a party, music festival or an official event for professionals, they have done it all, managing the functioning and the entertainment flawlessly. There needs to be a balance in the workspace, for example music festivals and film festivals have a different team and panel discussions a completely different criteria. They fulfil the needs of every booking. This is the reason why they are quite popular, Shannon Waldron himself has organised and hosted events in Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago and even London!

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  • Website: www.urbanfetes.com
  • Instagram: www.instagram.com/urbanfetes
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  • Other: www.youtube.com/urbanfetes

Urban Fêtes held South by South West in Austin come on TX and Atlanta’s music festival and conference (A3C). Only recently, they managed to host 64 silent parties and curated corporate events for Brooklyn Nets, Live Nation, Tom Joyner cruise, quicker loans and Sony Music. Indeed, it is a unique twist to parties, different from the traditional ones yet very satisfying. Shannon Waldron is sets distinguished leadership and entrepreneurship visions for everyone around him, as he always has.