As a result of the city’s new lockdown measures, several businesses in Moscow disregarded the order on Friday, saying they were unable to get government aid due to a lack of funds. While this was going on, nationwide mortality from COVID-19 hit a new record high every day, which authorities attributed to low vaccination rates. During the shutdown, only essential businesses like pharmacies and supermarkets were allowed to remain open. Schools and state kindergartens are also closed during this time. Bars, cafés, and restaurants are only allowed to provide takeaway or delivery services.

Some business owners said they were scrambling to keep their companies solvent since no government support had been provided. As per Reuters, Elena, the administrator of a Moscow beauty shop, would only accept customers by appointment going forward. No one is going to stop us from doing our job, not even them.

Several Moscow Companies Claim That They “Have No Option But To Survive.”

The simple solution is to use draperies instead. We were left to our own devices for nearly a month with no help from anybody during the last lockdown. Her only thought was, “We must find a means to survive.” According to Russian bar owner Vladimir, pubs and clubs on well-known streets have been forced to close because of their prominent locations, but his tavern in a courtyard will continue to function normally.

He said that, given the present epidemiological situation, he would be happy to stop working. It’s unfortunate, but no one wants to free him of his financial responsibilities, such as rent and expenses. The issue has become so bad that there isn’t anything further to be done. Nobody cares what we have to say since we’re a neighborhood pub, not a tourist attraction. Moscow’s business community believes the government should do more to help small businesses by providing grants and low-interest loans. Vyacheslav, a Moscow bartender, reports that many places remain open for regular customers and just close the doors.

Several Moscow Companies Claim That They Have No Option But To Survive.

He asserts that “Each and every one of them says they’re waiting for a (takeaway) order whenever there’s a (police) inspection.

A hamburger or a Danish hotdog is instantly prepared for the (client), who leaves and returns 10 minutes later after the inspection is over. If an inspection is undertaken,” (staff) immediately begin to make the food, “he asserted, saying. There is no longer a general lockdown in Moscow as there was last year, but the new limitations reflect growing concern from the Kremlin about rising mortality tolls.

In the previous 24 hours, Russia saw an all-time high of 1,163 COVID-19 deaths, with 39,849 new infections, including 7,511 in Moscow. Vaccine aversion, according to the Kremlin, is to blame for the shockingly high death toll. Many Russians have refused the four vaccines registered by Russia, including the flagship Sputnik V vaccine because they mistrust the government or are worried about their safety. According to official government statistics, 51 million Russians have completed their whole immunization program as of Friday. According to official estimates, Russia’s total population, excluding Crimea, is roughly 144 million people.