Generation Partners is an IT asset management working based in Cyprus. In 2019, Sergejs Kartasovs (Sergey Kartashov) became CEO of this company. His main focus is to find prominent projects in the field of video technology and IT ecosystems. But, it is not an easy job. It is just like hunting gold, according to him. He shared some important aspects of the duties performed by the IT asset management analysts on the basis of his experience.

Key Activities of an Asset Management Company

There are three main dimensions in which an IT asset management company works. These dimensions include reducing financial risks through diversification of the investment portfolio, analyzing the market, and finding the future of IT companies. The financial experts examine the legal compliance, competency of employees, and communication skills of the management when they analyze a company. “Even though a product has the brightest potential, it can get lost among a huge number of other offers due to flaws in marketing and management,” noted Sergejs Kartasovs(Sergey Kartashov). He added that their job was to find the best investment prospects and bring them to the investors. They rely on diversification of the investment portfolio to reduce the risk.

Importance of Finding a Unique Product for Investment

You will see hundreds of new projects entering the market with the passage of every single day. Some of these projects solve urgent, real-life problems. They are quite unique in nature and worthwhile to invest in. The job of an asset management analyst is to find these projects among thousands of others. “It is better to choose companies that have developed a unique innovative product that solves an urgent problem,” expressed Sergejs Kartasovs. He also talked about some other important considerations in this regard including the location, experience, age, and recent income of a company. The uniqueness of a project allows it to stand alone in the competition. It enhances the value of the product and the company that produced it.

Why Cyprus is the best location for IT Companies?

Cyprus has emerged as an ideal location for IT companies. It has developed a huge IT community that provides huge benefits to investors. The companies from post-Soviet countries are relocating to this island in a huge number. The island offers the lowest tax rates, best regulations, protection of intellectual property, and a competitive standard of living to IT businesses. The IP-Box regime allows the companies to pay taxes from only a part of their income. “As a nice bonus of relocation to Cyprus, I would like to note the relatively inexpensive but at the same time pleasant service,” said Sergejs Kartasovs. It is the job of an asset management analyst to give useful advice to the companies related to their relocation. Cyprus is, no doubt, the best place for relocating IT businesses. The IT industry is improving and developing at a rapid pace here. The CEO of Generation Partners has a huge experience of working on this island.