As the new school year gets started throughout the nation, the rising number of Covid-19 cases as well as the growing percentage of cases recorded in youngsters is raising concern among many health professionals about the future.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, on the other hand, believes that “if we do it properly,” it shouldn’t be a significant increase. Since August 16, 13 school workers in Miami-Dade County Public Schools have died as a result of Covid-19, according to the school system and the local teachers’ union. They said that all 13 of the students, four instructors, one security guard, one cafeteria worker, and 7 bus drivers were unvaccinated.

The Schools Heads Worries About ‘Great Catastrophe’ Unfolding Throughout US

In the case of the 13 school workers who died, Carvalho stated that they were all African Americans who had not been vaccinated, as per their families. Due to the fact that vaccine requirements are unconstitutional in Florida, Carvalho believes the best thing he can do is provide incentives to instructors to get completely vaccinated, along with a $275 payment to any worker who can provide evidence of immunization.

The Schools Heads Worries About 'Great Catastrophe' Unfolding Throughout US

Schools, especially in the South, began their new school year in August, resulting in a surge of cases in many districts, particularly those that did not have protective precautions in place. Unless immediate action is taken to keep the virus under control, doctors and experts predict that the outbreak will recur when children in most of the rest of the nation return to school following the Labor Day weekend. Fauci and other authorities from throughout the United States have emphasized the need for masks in schools and immunization for those who are eligible.

Despite the fact that officials believe the federal government is limited in its ability to mandate vaccines broadly, President Joe Biden is supposed to make a major address this week on the next phase of such pandemic, which includes aspects relating to schools, private companies, and requirements for federal employees, according to two sources familiar with the speech. President Biden’s address is expected to include factors relating to schools, private companies, and requirements for federal employees. 

The address comes at a time when the effect of the epidemic on schools is becoming more evident. According to the most recent statistics, children now account for 26.8 percent of all weekly Covid-19 diagnoses. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, there has been a ten percent rise in the cumulative amount of Covid-19 cases in children from the beginning of the pandemic during the course of two weeks, from August 19 to September 2, when the outbreak began.

The rate of immunizations may be slowing down once again

Meanwhile, according to statistics released Wednesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an average of approximately 356,662 individuals begin their Covid-19 immunization each day, representing an 18 percent decrease from the previous week and a 26 percent decrease from a month earlier. However, it’s possible that the slowing figures were impacted by the Labor Day vacation and that they will rise up again in the following days. Officials in the United States continue to emphasize that vaccines are the only way to avoid the pandemic.