Samsung has declared that clients can before long sweep for unknown Galaxy SmartTags trackers using Samsung’s SmartThings Find service. The feature, called Unknown Tag Search, will be going to the SmartThings app starting next week.

Clients will actually scan the nearby area for any SmartTags that don’t have a place with them yet that are moving alongside them. This feature could be a big win for safety, giving a simple method to ensure that no one’s following you with a tiny SmartTag that they slipped in your backpack, purse, coat pocket, and so forth It’s a nice feature in case you’re concerned about the privacy or security implications of Tile-like tracking devices.

Samsung likewise reported that its assistant, Bixby, will acquire the ability to find SmartTags. On the off chance that you’ve placed a SmartTag on a certain item and named it, you’ll have the option to utilize Bixby to find that tag. For instance, in the event that you have a SmartTag on your keys, you could say “hi Bixby, where are my keys?” and it will set off the tag’s ringer.

Apple at present has a feature similar to Unknown Tag Search in the iOS 14.5 beta, and it seems like it would be a natural fit for the company’s long-rumored AirTags item trackers. The organization is hosting its “Spring Loaded” event tomorrow, so maybe we’ll see Apple officially unveil its rumored competitor to Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTags.