Samsung has revealed that its next Galaxy Watch, which they expect will be known as the Galaxy Watch 4, will feature its own One UI laid on top of Google’s Wear OS.

While we definitely realized that Samsung was swapping Tizen for a version of Google’s smartwatch operating system that likewise acquires elements of Tizen, it’s presently affirmed that it will likewise be adding the UI generally found on its cell phones, to make a more bound together relationship among watch and telephone.

While Samsung didn’t disclose the Galaxy Watch 4 or the Galaxy Watch Active 4 at its MWC 2021 virtual occasion, it utilized that virtual time to reveal to us a touch more about what they can anticipate from Samsung in this Wear collaboration – and what it’ll look like on its next Galaxy Watch when that is unveiled at an Unpacked event later this Summer.

A ton of the insights concerning the collaboration with Google on Wear were at that point known to us, because of the enormous uncover at Google’s I/O developer conference alongside developer sessions that uncovered how the two tech heavyweights will collaborate to take on the Apple Watch.

That incorporates promising performance upgrades, better battery life, a seriously flourishing developer system and more fitness and health services.

The enormous uncover here was that Samsung is set to finish off that new Wear with its own One UI, which has been available on its telephones and will try to bring the two gadgets closer together.

It showed how settings on your telephone will intently reflect those on your watch. So when you download a watch application on your telephone, it will automatically download and introduce on your Galaxy Watch gadget. Telephone setting menus will now more intently mirror the ones on your watch as well.

Another model enabled was to reflect clock settings you’ve set on your telephone on your smartwatch. In the event that you block numbers on your telephone, those hindered numbers will be synchronized with your smartwatch as well.

Other than the information on One UI, Samsung didn’t reveal much else about what its next smartwatch will pack, however we are beginning to find out about the thing Samsung is bringing to the table. They definitely realized that it was opening up its watch maker instruments to new Wear developers and working on new fitness and health services.

It additionally revealed a greater amount of the accomplice applications that will dispatch close by its next watch, which we presently realize will incorporate nourishment application LifeSum, which is as of now accessible on the current Wear OS platform and for the Apple Watch.

It likewise talked a lot about offering eSim support for additional transporters, which should ideally mean LTE usefulness on its watches will be accessible on something other than a few networks. That has typically been the situation for Samsung’s smartwatches before.

It likewise reiterated that it will keep on supporting current Tizen-based Samsung Galaxy Watches and the Galaxy Store for as long as 3 years.

What we don’t know is those juicy details regarding the actual hardware that will house Wear and One UI. Samsung said all will be revealed at its next Unpacked event, which appears liable to occur in one or the other July or August.