Sagar Bhardwaj is a Young Boy from a Village in Haryana. He is a master in digital and the promotional work of celebs and companies. He Entered the Music Field nowadays and He knows how to handle promotional campaigns via the internet and how to be on Top. He knows a lot about digital and Music Industry and that’s the main reason for his success.
He has collaborated and managed the work of many notable artists from national and international industry. He has attained a notable possession in this niche and now blooming high.
He is in touch with Most popular Haryanvi and Bollywood Artists from last 7-8 Years and Had a Good Experience about this Music Field.
He Love to Drive Luxary Cars and Shop from Most Popular Brands Like Zara, Addidas and Much More. Sagar Want to Represent Haryana on Top as People always says that Haryanvi Language is not Good and Not Able to Take Stand in Bollywood. But Now a Days Haryanvi Language Have their own swag in Bollywood Industry also. and Most on Tv Films use Haryanvi Language and Music Audio . Haryanvi is Trending worldwide these days . There are Much More Artist who are Trying Really Hard to Represent Haryana. Haryanvi is a Central Indo-Aryan language or dialect spoken in Haryana, India. It is also spoken in metropolitan cities like Delhi and Kolkata to a lesser extent. Haryanvi is considered to be a Western Hindi dialect. Haryanvi has successfully made its presence count into Indian cinema, TV popular music albums & academia. With the influence of Haryana in the fields of sports, Bollywood, defence, industrialisation & politics the Haryanvi language and culture has also been promoted in significant proportion. Some notable speakers of Haryanvi